Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Operation Declutter: Day 6 - Big Girls Room - 1 side

Today the 3 older girls did declutter work on their own room. This was such a blessing. They set their alarm, woke up early and started cleaning and doing their laundry. The sweet dears.

I have been working on about 3 different areas, but had to do some laundry and regular housework, so I don't have anything to show. Hopefully I'll have two closets to post on tomorrow.

Here is 1/2  of the girls room done today. They started with the clutter wall. Everything is stacked against this wall, books, dolls, shoe boxes, hermit crab cages, coats, animal hammock, robes....etc. They did this without help from me and I think they did a fantastic job.

Before: Stuffed animal hammock


They put about 2/3rds of the animals in the donation bag and the others went into attic storage. There are some they can't part with but they are getting a little old (they said) for stuffed animals. It looks nice.

Next up is the coat hooks. They think that every coat they own should go on these hooks. Yikes! So, some were moved to the winter storage box, and the others were hung in the closet. They left their Bible bags and robes.

Before: Coat hooks


The next two areas were the clutter corner and the clutter wall. This corner had all sorts of things sitting here. Their violins, shoe bin, step stool and 3 hermit crab cages. They moved their hermit crabs to the dresser and minimized the number of cages. The shoe boxes went into the closet and the dolls are on the bed.

Before: Clutter corner

Our nice neighbor gave the girls this beautiful old french-ish vanity table. Now they can do their hair stuff in their own room.


And here is the clutter wall. There was a bookshelf full of books they've already read, need to read or are too young now. They packed up their favorites or need to read books in a box and put them on the shelf in the closet. The others were packed for attic storage to save for the little girls. I saved a few that I am hoping to sell on Amazon.

Before: Clutter wall


Lastly was the hat, purse, bag rack on the back of the door. They thinned this out a lot.



They also cleaned under their bunk bed (no pictures of that)

I am VERY proud of them for taking the initiative and doing their own room. It was such a nice surprise. It did take them quite a long time. They are proud of themselves too, and are very excited about their super clean room.

Their room yielded 20.3 pounds of clutter today. Awesome.

I went through a few boxes in the attic and was able to pack up and move out 22.4 pounds of clothes that no longer fit anyone.

Our total now is 202.1 pounds.

Click here if you'd like to read about our progress previous to this post.

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