Friday, March 26, 2010

Daycares Don't Care

I found this website VERY interesting and sad at the same time. I though I would share.


Money safer than children

We deposit our money with banks -- secure; insured; strictly controlled by the Securities and Exchange Commission; staffed by highly paid, adequately educated, well-screened employees who are bonded -- for maximum interest return.

We leave our children, our future, at day-care centers -- loosely controlled by government; poorly staffed with underpaid...employees, part-time or holding several jobs, overworked, mostly with no formal training, who probably have never been screened for social, emotional or psychological and medical background. Children stay there longer than with their parents while awake. Such a casual approach toward our future treasure is dangerous.
Hamid H.S., M.D., Letter, Lexington Herald Leader, 25-Jun-92

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everyone sleeps in their own bed!

For a while now, our sweet Emily has been gracing us with her presence at 2am. This happens about 6 out of 7 nights. Some nights of course, we are way too sleepy to put her back in her bed so we let her stay. This has been a HUGE MISTAKE on our part. If we put her back at 2am she's back at 3am, we put her back again and there she is at 4am. By this time we say forget it, we need sleep. (Julia comes in once in a while, but it's rare).

I am all for co-sleeping with your babies. But, co-sleeping at 4 years old is not for me. We have tried many things to break them of this habit. When we lock our door we are abruptly pulled out of sleep by the banging and crying on the other side. It's much much easier to leave it unlocked so she can just slip into bed and not bother us...much. Still, we don't want to wake up 3 or 4 times at night. She is an almost 4 year old, not a 4 week old. Funny thing is, when she was 4 weeks, she slept all night. Figures!

Last week I started a new system. Rewards, Rewards, REWARDS!! I have a bag full of loose Littlest Pet Shop pets left over from my eBay selling days. There were about 85 or so of them in there. Both girls LOVE getting to pick out a new Pet Shop as a reward for something big that they've done.

Here goes nothing. THE NEW RULES:

Night 1: You must stay in your own bed (except for potty) all night. You can not come into our room until it is light outside. If you succeed, you may pick out a new Pet Shop.

Night 1 Results: SUCCESS!!! Julia picked one too. It would have been tragic to not let her. ;)

Night 2-7: SUCCESS one miss and then SUCCESS again!!!

Emily's come into our room time, started at 6am and has gradually been stretched to 7am or even staying in her bed until 8am.

Tuesday was the start of week 2. The rules have changed a little since I don't want to run out of Pet Shop toys for them. I'm down 14 already. Yikes!

Week 2 RULES:

You now have a wonderful new sticker book, and this nice sticker chart that mommy made. Each night that you stay in your bed, until it's light outside, you will get a sticker for your chart. After you have collected 5 stickers, you will be able to pick a new Pet Shop from the bag.

They seemed more excited about the stickers. Whew!


Night 2: SUCCESS! Each one has a shiny new sticker on her chart.

Tonight will be week 2, night 3. I'm hoping we can break this habit soon. Though I have to say, the nights have been much more restful.

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