Friday, March 26, 2010

Daycares Don't Care

I found this website VERY interesting and sad at the same time. I though I would share.


Money safer than children

We deposit our money with banks -- secure; insured; strictly controlled by the Securities and Exchange Commission; staffed by highly paid, adequately educated, well-screened employees who are bonded -- for maximum interest return.

We leave our children, our future, at day-care centers -- loosely controlled by government; poorly staffed with underpaid...employees, part-time or holding several jobs, overworked, mostly with no formal training, who probably have never been screened for social, emotional or psychological and medical background. Children stay there longer than with their parents while awake. Such a casual approach toward our future treasure is dangerous.
Hamid H.S., M.D., Letter, Lexington Herald Leader, 25-Jun-92

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