Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big fat loser

A post about weight loss, because that's never been done before (insert sarcasm). I don't want to be all cliche-ish and stuff, but I figure if I put it out there, in writing, on the interwebs, it just may keep me motivated.

I've known for some time now that I need to get it together and change some of my eating habits. We rarely eat any processed foods. Fast food is not a frequent meal here. And, over the last two years I've slowly switched us over to organic foods; we are about 90% organic. Still, the weight just keeps piling on. I really was eating too much and not exercising enough. The two final nails in the coffin for me were #1 Seeing the pictures of me at Disneyland. Yikes! and #2 My wedding ring no longer fits, and I have to wear this silly fake one. Adam calls it the fwedding ring. Ha!

I have done my share of ridiculous crash fad diets and all that jazz. They don't work. I did a lot of reading and decided that I'm just going to gradually add small changes that I know I can do indefinitely. If I don't just dive into it full speed ahead, I may just stick with it. The first things were, using my treadmill for just a short 10 minutes each day; lowering my calorie intake to 1200 a day; and no sugar. I added an app to my phone, My Fitness Pal. It tracks my calorie intake and exercise for the day. It has a huge database and almost everything you eat is in it. If you can't find what you ate, and it has a bar code, the app will scan the bar code and pull all of the nutritional information in.

The first few days I was a little hungry. I searched for things to do to help with that. I started squeezing lemons in my water and that really helped curb my appetite. This really is the first time I've ever done any kind of "diet" and actually see results. It really just seems way too easy. The weight just keeps coming off.

My stats:

MY GOAL: 130 pounds

July 1: 180 pounds. (yeah, I know, totally embarrassing)

August 1: 169 pounds 11 POUNDS LOST! yeah!

This was the picture that made me so upset. We'll call this the, "Before Picture"

Start: 180 pounds

I will try and get a new picture up here soon. I need one of my kids to take it for me. I have already went down a size and my belly looks a lot smaller, I think this is due to not eating sugar. 


Danielle said...

Wow 11 lbs...That is AWESOME!! So happy for you!

Sarah said...

AMAZING! Well done Kimmie! :)

Nikki said...

You are doing so well. That is great. I keep telling myself to do something similiar. :) I am not good at "diets". I never used to have to try to lose weight but lately the weight just sticks and I need to try something. Thanks for sharing your success.It always helps to see what is working for others. I fear my treadmill has become a clothes hanger in my bedroom. GULP!!!

Sarah said...

Brilliant Kimmie! :) You are doing GREAT!

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