Thursday, August 5, 2010

With Sadness and a Heavy Heart

What are you supposed to feel when you find out a woman you knew, spent time with, talked to several times while your kids played together at the park suddenly passed away in her sleep the other day? What are you supposed to feel when you know she wasn't saved and never got around to witnessing?

At church tonight during prayer requests, one of the ladies there asked for prayer for a family she knows who has two young children. The mother died mysteriously in her sleep Sunday. The woman from church said she had witnessed to her on several occasions but the woman kind of laughed it off. When she said her name, a deep rush of anxiety and sadness flooded my heart. I knew her. I've known her for years. I've sat and talked with her at the park over and over again talking about all sorts of things. Everything but....Jesus Christ.

I hope this is a lesson. I need to let go of my fears of telling people. My heart hurts with sadness for this poor woman's soul, it's hard to even explain this horrible feeling of grief. I am desperately trying to find her phone number and address so the lady from church and I can go take her husband and children food and hopefully win their souls.

Where is my faith? Pastor always says to us, "If you were sitting on the beach and knew there was a tidal wave coming soon, would you keep quiet about it pack up your stuff and not tell anyone it was coming?"


Kimmie said...

Just so readers are aware. I will not approve any comments that contain profane words. You can comment your disagreements if you like, but don't swear at me.

The profanity shows a complete lack of intelligence and automatically makes your opinion or point completely worthless without any merit whatsoever.

Dawn said...

I'm so sorry , that is so sad . I know exactly how you feel , sonmetimes I look back a lot at times that I could have given someone the gospel but didn't . It really hurts a lot .

Amy said...

That's so terribly sad. {Hugs} and prayers for her family.

A Widow said...

Madam, it is terribly insulting to the survivors when someone comes and tries to "win their souls" after they lose a loved one. You're likely to just anger them.

I mean no disrespect, but preaching to people after they lose someone important to them is a good way to make them hate you.

Kimmie said...


It would be extremely awful and insensitive of me to just go to the home of a person who just lost a loved one and tell them that their loved one went to hell. Of course that approach to things would indeed anger them and turn them away. I NEVER stated I would do such a terrible thing. I don't believe trying to win their souls means that I would be harsh rude or even mean.

I never once said I was going to their house to preach to them. I'm not a preacher. Winning a soul doesn't start with preaching but with love, compassion and sensitivity for the soul that is lost.

Have a fantastic day!

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