Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I love surprises

At the end of June our three older girls went to the Independent Fundamental Baptist, National Youth Conference for four days. They went with our Pastor, his wife and and about 10 other kids from our church. They had been working on collecting recycling and fundraising through car-washes so they could have enough money to all go.

Adam and I took this opportunity to plan a very secret, very last minute trip to Disneyland for the two little girls. They had never been before, all the older girls have gone several times. It's really expensive and we knew we wouldn't be able to afford to take all of the kids. We discussed it beforehand with the older girls and they unanimously agreed that they would not be upset if we went without them and they were excited for  the little girls to go.

We had to fib a little to keep our surprise a surprise. We left very early, about 2am, to drive the six hours to Anaheim. I had secretly packed all of our suitcases and packed them in the car without them knowing. We woke them and said we had to get up really early and drive a couple of hours so that Daddy could be first in line for a huge sale at a barbecue store. Adam's been figuring out an outdoor kitchen to build so they didn't question it. We arrived in Anaheim around 7:30am and then had to go pick up our tickets. The girls still thought he was going to this barbecue store. We asked them if they would rather just stay in a hotel and swim in their pool rather than drive all that way back home. They were so happy.

We arrived at the hotel and changed our clothes and informed the girls we had to go for a walk to get something to eat and check out another barbecue store before we could swim. We began the 1/2 mile walk to Disneyland. As we were walking in they noticed all of the buses with Disney characters on them. Emily, said, "This looks like Disney on Ice". Adam asked, "Do you know where you are?", they both said "no". I prompted them to go ask a lady that worked there where they were. They both walked up and said, "Excuse me, were are we?" The lady answered, "You don't know where you are? This is Disneyland for princesses like you.".

The look on their faces was priceless. They were in shock. They kept hugging us and saying, thank you all day long. They were all smiles all day. It was a lot of fun. We spent two days at the park and drove back home the 3rd day.

Monday, July 30, 2012

This years fair

We've been crazy busy this summer. I was barely just coming up for air when I realized school starts again in two weeks.

We spent  a lot of the beginning part of our summer at the county fair. The girls entered a bunch of things this year. This post has pictures from that. They did really well.

Warning: Lots of pics.

August's quilt hanging at the fair. She got, First Place and Best of Class.

August's Cherry Blossom Tree Mosaic and right below is her water color painting. It's hard to see. 

This is Kiley's, El Greco study painting.

This is Kiley's Mosaic, she got First Place.

August's, 100 Years of Cherry Blossoms, themed table setting received First Place and Best of Class.

Emily and Julia entered a special table setting contest for kids 5-8. They had a great time participating. Julia's was based on the book, "Are You My Mother?" and Emily's was based on the book, "Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly". They both received an Honorable Mention. They were so proud of their ribbons, as were we.

They had to set up all by themselves. 

August's two scrapbook pages, she won First Place and Best of Class.

Julia's water color

Emily's water color

Two of Julia's water colors

August's, El Greco study painting. First Place

Augusts photo

Julia and Emily waiting for the table setting judging


My in-laws came to see the contest



Kiley with her photo

Kiley's frog water color, first place

August's bird photo

August and Emily

Piggy races

Story time with Curious George. 

Story time with Sister Bear. She was huge, and scary. 

The girls with one of their 4H friends. 

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