Monday, July 30, 2012

This years fair

We've been crazy busy this summer. I was barely just coming up for air when I realized school starts again in two weeks.

We spent  a lot of the beginning part of our summer at the county fair. The girls entered a bunch of things this year. This post has pictures from that. They did really well.

Warning: Lots of pics.

August's quilt hanging at the fair. She got, First Place and Best of Class.

August's Cherry Blossom Tree Mosaic and right below is her water color painting. It's hard to see. 

This is Kiley's, El Greco study painting.

This is Kiley's Mosaic, she got First Place.

August's, 100 Years of Cherry Blossoms, themed table setting received First Place and Best of Class.

Emily and Julia entered a special table setting contest for kids 5-8. They had a great time participating. Julia's was based on the book, "Are You My Mother?" and Emily's was based on the book, "Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly". They both received an Honorable Mention. They were so proud of their ribbons, as were we.

They had to set up all by themselves. 

August's two scrapbook pages, she won First Place and Best of Class.

Julia's water color

Emily's water color

Two of Julia's water colors

August's, El Greco study painting. First Place

Augusts photo

Julia and Emily waiting for the table setting judging


My in-laws came to see the contest



Kiley with her photo

Kiley's frog water color, first place

August's bird photo

August and Emily

Piggy races

Story time with Curious George. 

Story time with Sister Bear. She was huge, and scary. 

The girls with one of their 4H friends. 

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Danielle said...

So proud of them! You guys have done an amazing job, you have the most beautiful and talented young women I know. Congrats to the girls for all of their hard work and awards!

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