Friday, January 18, 2013

Migraines and Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

I have had migraine headaches since I was seven years-old. They are genetic in our family. They have been debilitating throughout times in my life. During my working days, I lost more than one job due to missed work because of migraines. I saw several Dr's, went to a Headache Clinic in San Francisco, tried a myriad of medicines, special diets, vitamins etc: but nothing helped. At age 23/24-ish, I quit all the medicines I was taking and the number of migraines began to lessen - by age 25 they were gone completely.

During January of my 29th year, they returned with a vengeance  I was coming down with 3 or 4 a month. They would come around the same dates of each month: the 6th and the 8th and the 20th and 22nd. These were, "aura warning" migraines. I'd start to lose vision in one eye, and that was my 30 minute warning to get to a place I could sleep before it was too late. After 30 minutes had elapsed, the migraine was in full force on the opposite side of my head from where the blindness occurred. It was the strangest thing that they had started back up. I still have no idea what to attribute it to. Maybe because I was getting ready to begin my 30's? Who knows.

At that time, I was also a smoker, having smoked on and off starting from age 13. On March 1, 2009, a few months after the migraines returned, I quit smoking - cold turkey and never went back. I was hoping that this would finally help make the migraines go away. No such luck.

After a year, the type of migraine I was getting changed from the, "warning aura" to a sneak-attack migraine. The sneak-attack ones are not as painful (to me) but are not easy to predict and that makes it harder to take the medicine in time to end it quickly. I have always taken Imitrex to stop them in their tracks. It works well, but makes me feel dumb. It gives me a floaty, strange, not-all-there feeling and my chest gets tight. It's rather unpleasant, however the migraine goes away after a nap and I can return to my regular duties.

This bit of history now leads us to the point of this post:

I'm hoping I can safely say this now. I heard great things about Baltic Amber necklaces from several friends who used them for their teething babies. I did some reading in preparation for the day when we have another little one. I soon learned that the amber necklaces help to heal much more than just teething pain. On the list from the website they state: reduces arthritis pain, reduces and PREVENTS MIGRAINE HEADACHES, golfing pain relief, baseball pitching elbow and shoulder, reduces acid reflux, heartburn, reduces and eliminates eczema, psoriasis, balances digestive system and GI track, improves sleep cycles, lifts over all mood and feelings of depression.  

I'm ALWAYS  a skeptic about migraine cures, as any chronic-migraine-sufferer will understand. People, having the best of intentions, always want to heal your migraines or they know someone who used this vitamin or that vitamin. In actuality, someone who has suffered migraines for years, has already tried just about everything anyone can recommend.  Graciously smiling, I appreciate the thought and care.

I purchased two adult sized necklaces for Adam and myself from this Baltic Amber Teething Necklace online store. Click here for the one I purchased. I bought one for Adam because of his chronic pain due to the hard labor from working. I wear my necklace all day and night except for showering. I've worn it, mostly everyday since I received it three months ago. I'm a bit leery to put this in writing, but so far, I have not had one single migraine. I still have had regular headaches, which I believe are allergy or weather related.

I'm not positive it's the necklace working, or the change in diet I started back in July. Possibly a combination of both, but the diet started 3 months before I got the necklace and I was still having migraines up to that point. Now, I have a box of Imitrex in my medicine cabinet that has gone untouched for 3 months. Normally I would have to take 3 to 6 in a month.

I hope this information is helpful to someone.

This is the Baroque Cognac Amber Necklace that Adam and I both wear daily.
Adult Necklace - Baroque Cognac


Mrs. Josie said...

I did not know all of that ! I have one for little Abe, for his teething. I am going to get one for myself now. That is great information. Thank you for sharing.

Sarah in Ireland said...

Thanks for sharing Kimmie. My littles have always had a amber necklace. They are so pretty too!

Though I'll admit that my youngest has worn one for almost her total life span so far (2 yrs) and she teethed terribly, has asthma and has struggled with eczema in the past too.

That aside, I do think that they are somewhat effective and I would like to get one for myself also.

Thanks again for sharing and I'm glad that your migraines have ceased so far. I'll be praying for you! :)

Karen R. said...

Wow, I am so glad you are not experiencing that anymore! You reminded me I bought one just like yours for my son a couple years ago and have misplaced it. I am sure my baby now could really use it and now that I read your post..probably everybody in our family could benefit from one, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Have you had any migraines? Looking into these for my niece and wanted to know if I should waste the money.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this info. Our migraine history sounds identical. I am going to try the necklace. I am willing to try anything at this point.

Diana said...

I have so missed your sharing. I hope and pray that you and your family are well, and will continue to check in to see if you are back in blog land. ~Di

Crafty Mama said...

I too suffer from Migraines, at one point having a constant migraine for 6 months straight.
I heard about how Baltic Amber could help with migraines, and went about getting one for myself. All I could find locally was a baby teething necklace, but I wrapped it around my ankle and wear it there, and I have not had a migraine since putting it on. I've had a headache that was pretty darn close to a migraine, but that was while I was sick and had major sinus congestion, which causes major pressure in the head and was the reason for the headache.
I do have a friend who gets migraines as well who wears a Baltic Amber necklace and it does nothing for her, but I swear by it and recommend it to anyone I talk to, even just to try and see if it helps them like it has me.

Dawes Tejada said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Amber is a magical stone from the ancient world it is used as a medicine for treatment various diseases. You would often think that for getting relief from pain, babies should chew the amber beads. But the fact of the matter is that real effects come after the beads touch skin

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