Wednesday, April 18, 2012

HSG finished. Tubal Reversal Related

Yesterday I went in for a dreaded hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to check the state of my tubes. Since I've had two losses in 14 months I was concerned about blocked tubes, which is a possibility after a reversal. Scar tissue can build back up and cause the repaired tube to block making it impossible to become pregnant. 

I have been dreading this test. I have convinced myself that my tubes were blocked and that my surgery was a big waste. It seems like I've been on this journey for so long. It's not just the 18 months since having it, but also the entire year before that while I prayed and researched and had it on my mind. I was so filled with anxiety and fear. I helped calm myself, I said my favorite scripture over and over during the process. "What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee" Psalm 56:3

The HSG is a series of xray pictures done while iodine dye is pushed through the uterus into the Fallopian tubes to see if it will spill out the end into the abdomen. Oh man, OUCH!! It HURT, a lot. I was told it hurts so I was prepared but still, I'm not real big on pain. The radiologist pushed the dye through and it was really neat to see on screen, the dye freely and quickly flowed through my right tube and out the other end beautifully. When it was time for the left tube the dye wouldn't flow through. It was determined that it was blocked. This is the tube that my ectopic pregnancy was in, so it could very well be blocked from that baby. Another possibility is that the tube spasmed shut; this is very common with HSG and a lot of women are told their tubes are blocked when they actually are not. I received a call a few hours before the procedure from Dr. Rogers my reversal surgeon. I was so surprised by this, she didn't know I was having he procedure and she called to see how things were going. She told me my tubes don't like dye and that they spasm badly when dye is pushed through. I was glad to know this. So it's a big possibility that my left tube is not actually blocked. 

I am happy with the results. One tube is all you need and I'm hoping my HSG did a good roto-rooter job on my tubes. It seems extremely common to become pregnant right after HSG because the dye flushes out anything that may be causing a problem. Perhaps I'll be back updating with good news in the next few months. 

Another friend who has had a TR was told her only tube was blocked and that her surgery was a failure. She did some research on natural ways to unblock tubes. It took her several months but she is now pregnant and expecting a sweet little boy. This is very inspiring and I have been doing the same things she had done for a while now. I hope this will help my left tube. 

At the end of the day, I know this is in God's hands. If he wants us to have a child, we will. I do hope it's in his plan for us. I really feel it is. Through all my prayer he paved the way to make this possible. Our bodies are imperfect and I messed mine up. I know he is greater than this and can heal my body. I honestly feel like someone is missing from our family, and I look forward to meeting her/him. 


Danielle said...

This is great news! Although it is in His hands, I'm sure it is comforting to know that it is medically possible as well. You have a beautiful family and I see that everything you do, you do with all of your children in mind. You are an amazing mommy and are inspiring to others. Be careful though... You may have to think of a new blog name :o)

Anonymous said...

oh that is great news , I will be praying for you .

Jack said...

I was grateful to know this. So it's a big probability that my remaining pipe is not actually obstructed.
tubal reversal

Rodney Ness said...

Its really an inspiring story i hope that it will be an eyeopener for other couples who wish to undergo this procedure.

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