Saturday, April 14, 2012

Emily & Julia turned 6

Emily and Julia had their 6th birthday this week. They had their family and friends party today, it sure was fun. They wanted to have an, "Art Party". We decided to make all of the decorations ourselves and was it a lot of work, but it sure turned out cute.

This is their actual birthday. They wanted pizza for dinner and a strawberry chocolate cheesecake. Yum.
Opening the gift they received in the mail

Gifts from mom and dad. 

Emily loves to bake, she got some cookie baking stuff. 

Julia loves to help Daddy work. She got her own tool set and tool bag. 

August used her own money and bought the girls each a fish. They named them Oscar and John. 

The party is what they have been anticipating most for the past couple of months. We had a fun candy buffet and each of the kids took some home with them. Each kid was given an apron to wear and they had several different activities to choose from:

Create your own pom-pom animals; String a Fruit Loop necklace; Decorate a bookmark; Color some playdough and Face Painting. 

We did our best to stick to the rainbow colors or primary colors.

It was a very fun, tiring day.


Karen R. said...

What a cute party theme! I love it, looks like a lot of fun.

Sarah said...

Amazing Kimmie, I bet the girls had the BEST day!!

I lovedthat it was SO colourful. So many neat ideas that I may "glean" for one of our birthdays sometime. Were the pom-pom decorations hard to do?

Amy says that she really likes Julia's tool bag! Very cool!

Glad everyone had a great time! :)

Anonymous said...

The decorations were so beautiful .I never thought of having an art party .

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