Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Operation Declutter Day 10 - detour to attic

My hallway has been full with organized boxes and things that need to go up into the attic storage. The only problem is the attic is kind of full. There is quite a bit up there that needs to go. Today I went up there to assess the situation. I took down as much as I could to go through and donate, recycle, throw away and/or repack. It's hot here so the attic was super hot as the day went on. I couldn't stay up there very long, so I was up and down a lot.

Rather than take pictures up there, I only have photos of my full hallway and the stuff I brought down. It's a bit of work getting the heavy stuff down when Adam isn't here to help me. The older girls were a big help. We start school again in 2 weeks so I need to get all this stuff done fast.

Now that our church rummage sale is over, I will be putting my donation items on freecycle and donating to our favorite thrift store.

I was surprised to find so many bags of baby clothes up in the attic. I don't know why I kept so much. I was able to go through and rid 3 bags of baby clothes. Yay. I had to repack a bunch of older kid clothes. I'm saving most of the older girls clothes for the little girls.

I think I've mentioned before we most likely will be moving in the next 3 to 6 months, so I want to make sure I don't move all this clutter. 

I found a box of my old Soccer and Softball trophies, I took a picture and am putting the rest in the recycle/donations. I was able to rearrange about 5 garbage bags of clothes into size specific boxes. The boxes are much easier to stack up there. 3 bags of baby girl clothes are going to my girlfriend for her little girl. 2 baby potties are also going to the same friend. Also to leave were a few more baby items, 3 more bags of clothing, and some other miscellaneous items. It was a very productive day. I still didn't make enough room to put the kids boxes up there, so I'll be up there again.

I found this awesome bookshelf at our rummage sale and bought it for a steal of $1.00. It's been sitting in the living room and needed to move. This is going to go with our homeschool stuff which is at the end of the hallway. That's another area that was decluttered and organized today.

My old soccer and softball trophies from the 80's and 90's. I took a picture and then recycled and donated them.

The hallway is full of stuff to go up into the attic storage. It's been here since I started my declutter mission and it's getting a little difficult to get down the hall. I am hoping to have some space cleared in the attic to put this up.

These two piles of baby clothes made 3 nice size garbage bags full for my girlfriend.

I packed up the clothes that are too big for the little girls in these boxes according to size. They were just shoved in bags before.

It was a long but productive day. I still have a long way to go. I will say that the areas that have already been decluttered have stayed that way. In fact they are making my life so much easier because they don't require much attention. I am very much looking forward to finishing and being able to enjoy the entire house that way.

Freecycle pile

Recycle and garbage pile

After: New homeschool shelf at the end of the hall

and our homeschool bookcase all nicely decluttered. (forgot to take a before pic)

It was sure a whopper of a day. 116 pounds, just today! Awesome! This brings our running total to: 354.5 pounds of clutter goooooonnnneee!

Read about the progress here.

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