Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Things I've Learned Along the Way

1. It's impossible to keep the Play-Doh colors separate. Stop stressing over it.
2. Band Aids are cheap and will make a hurt child stop crying, especially in the absence of blood.
3. Forgive your spouse for everything. Didn't Jesus forgive us for everything?
4. If you stand up for what God says is right, people will not like you. This includes members of your own family.
5. One sure way to guarantee spilling your coffee is to wear a white skirt.
6. No matter how many times you use a hot glue gun, it's impossible to walk away without at least one burn.
7. Little kid hugs are the most wonderful things in the world. 
8. Mothers should do anything and everything they can to be    home with their children. The children deserve it. 
9. The second your children are born, someone presses the fast forward button.
10. It never fails, no matter how hard you try, there will always be single socks.


Karen E said...

Heehee I liked this post a lot. You're very right about the white skirt

Natasha said...

I wish so badly I could be home...It is my goal trust me ;(

Erin said...

the bandaid one is so true!!! i have stopped trying to tell my son that he doesnt NEED a bandaid...if it makes him feel better, why not!

Mindy said...

A band-aid and a little prayer goes a long way with a distressed kiddo...or a distressed adult, for that matter.


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