Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Girls' Cake Decorating

K and At had their first cake decorating 4H project today. They had a blast, and were relieved the class has finally started, they've been looking forward to it all year long. K is especially excited to learn cake decorating. She wants to be a cake baker/decorator when she's older.

We spent yesterday afternoon buying the remaining supplies we needed. Today they brought along their pre-baked cakes and the tub of icing they made. They learned how to thin their icing, make a crumb layer, frost their cakes, and also how to prep their icing bags and make very simple stars and shells.

They were only able to frost their cakes at 4H today before time ran out. When we got home they made a new batch of frosting, mixed their colors, got the bags ready, and did their decorating. I think the cakes look wonderful.
A is ready

A and her spring cake

K and her whale cake

1 comment:

edith said...

both of them look good. We can now open our own business.

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