Sunday, April 24, 2011

Drunk Man Crashes Easter Morning Service

Our morning started bright and early, at 4:30am. Our church has a sunrise service on Easter morning to celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ. The sunrise service was cold and drizzly, but nice just the same. We  meet at a park on a hill nearby our church so we can see the sun rise while we sing hymns and have a lesson about Christ's sacrifice on the cross and resurrection for our sins. What an amazingly wonderful thing he did for you and me. Why anyone would choose to die without his salvation is truly beyond my comprehension.

Sunrise Service
 It's a tradition at our church to have a huge breakfast after the sunrise service where the men and boys do the cooking and serving. It's sort of their thank you to the women for taking care of the cooking and serving of the food for all of the other gatherings during the year. The men cooked, french toast, bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs, and the young boys served the plates of food to all of the women and girls. One of the women has 10 children ( her 11th blessing on the way), the look of gratefulness in her eyes when she was told that she could sit down and her food would be brought to her and her children, was priceless. Of course we ladies always talk about how weird we feel just sitting there while the men/boys cook and serve. Just to humor them, we let them do this once a year. *grin*

Trading Silly Bands

The regular morning service is followed right after breakfast. Usually on Sundays we have a morning church service, but on Easter both services are in the morning so that families can spend the rest of the day with their families. This year our regular service had a guest yeller. It was a little surprising, and a little scary at the same time. Toward the end of the sermon a man walked in and started yelling at the pastor and challenging his beliefs. Before I continue, I want to first address that the entire sermon was focused on the proof that Jesus Christ is God, and how some people think he was just a great prophet or a good man. So...This man, was wearing a giant poncho and had a guitar. He was extremely drunk and yelling. He stood toward the back of the pews in the aisle and announced that he was the Angel Gabriel and he had a message to tell us. He screamed at our pastor asking, "Why are you teaching from the 2nd testament? Jesus of that testament was the anti-christ. The true christ has not yet come. We are all sinning by worshipping this false Jesus of the 2nd testament and he is not God and there is only a 1 part God and we should serve him only" **I kid you not, he came in yelling and carrying on about exactly what our pastor had been preaching on.** He was asked by the pastor to sit down so he could hear and learn why he was preaching that Jesus is in fact, God. He sat for a moment and then stood up and started yelling a bunch of  twisted scripture and how he did his homework before he came in so he   could give us this message. One of our men walked over to him and told him if he wasn't going to sit and listen then he would have to leave. "Gabriel" started getting angry and asking why had security been called on him. This was sort of funny because the man who got up to talk to him, is a huge security type looking man. He refused to sit and be quiet so he was nicely escorted out while yelling, "I'm being thrown out of my lords house?".  Once he was outside, our pastor finished the sermon, prayed for "Gabriel" and we closed the service. Our pastors wife saw him drinking a beer outside of the church near the curb by the street. Another 1st time visitor drove him home, but I guess they didn't know each other. It was all very strange.

The "Gabriel" incident was a little scary, you never have any idea what a crazy belligerently drunk person is going to do. All of the children remained very calm, but expressed later that they were scared. Our men handled it and made sure everyone was safe.

I tried to get a snap shot of "Gabriel" but this is all I could get. He's in the passenger seat but you can't really see him.

On a different note, we had the family over to our house this year for lunch/dinner. Usually we gather at one of my aunts' houses, but since we bought a new house, they let us have the honors. Everyone brought food and snacks. K & A made Hummingbird Cake Cupcakes yesterday. They were awesome. We stuffed some plastic eggs with puzzle pieces, green army men and a little candy so the kids could hunt out in the back yard. It was such a lovely afternoon. E  has been singing, "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder" all day. It's cute. The little ones are old enough to begin to understand the reason for celebrating Christs resurrection and what he did for us.

I hope you had  blessed day with your loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like that guy was demon possessed! Raani

Mindy said...

No one asked afterwards, with just him, if maybe he thought he had a drinking and/or drug problem? I'd be frightened too, but sometimes those sorts of outbursts are true cries for help. I'll be sure to pray for him tonight.


Kimmie said...

A woman who attends our church lives down the street from him and knows who he is. This man was extremely intoxicated, he obviously had a drinking problem. There is absolutely no reasoning with any person who is currently drunk or high, and especially on who is convinced at the moment that is an angel of God. We've never seen him again, he even left his bicycle there and never returned for it. I'm sure he really could use the prayers.

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