Monday, June 14, 2010

The newest member of our family

August and I had a mom and daughter day last weekend and on our way home we went to the SPCA to look at the animals. We really liked this little girl cat we met. She was such a sweetie and August wanted to bring her home, but $50 for a new cat was not in our budget. I told her to ask daddy and say her prayers, maybe God would provide a way for us to get the cat. I have been wanting another cat since shortly after our Jax kitty died in December. It took a little convincing to get Adam to agree. Getting a new cat is usually expensive with the adoption fees and shots and getting them fixed. He told us we could get a new cat after we saved first to pay for the initial care of the cat.

I shared with my mother-in-law about the cat we saw last weekend, and she told me not to go buy it because next weekend they would be free. Ohh,  I really wanted a new kitten. Sunday afternoon Adam and I went to look. We were alone thanks to a child free anniversary weekend. We first went to the pet store down the street and they didn't have any cats left. Then we went to the humane society and finally back to the SPCA where August and I had been.  They said sorry all the kittens were adopted the previous day. So I was a little bummed and decided to show Adam the sweet kitty August and I had met (that she was praying to get). She's not a kitten but that was okay. She went right up to Adam and started loving him, and he said sure we could get her. YES!!

August is such a loving hearted little girl. She has such faith in God. He answered her prayers for this little girl kitty, and provided a way for us to get her. She didn't cost a thing to adopt, she came with her shots for the year and she's spayed. God is so good and faithful to us in little things that probably don't really matter, but it it's such a wonderful reminder that He does care about our desires.

 "Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart" Psalm 37:4

We brought the kitty home and set her up and then drove all over to collect our children from 2 sets of grandparents homes. We waited until we got home to tell them about the kitty. I had August come to my room first to show her. She had the biggest smile on her face, and said "Mommy, God answered my prayers, I prayed for her" He certainly did. He made the way. Had their been kittens still available, we wouldn't have adopted the cat August was praying for. He made it possible for her prayer to be answered. It increases my faith so much when He answers my children's prayers. It certainly increases their faith in Him.
Here is the kitty, she's a little shy right now. We're keeping her in our room until she gets used to the noise and smells of our house.

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