Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nursing Cover Tutorial

To go along with the baby dress gift I also wanted to make something for the Mama. I love those nursing covers I've seen in the store. They are sort of expensive. I found this tutorial and used it as a guide. I did change a few things.

Her instructions say to use 3/4 yd of fabric. I bought the 3/4 yard and it was too short. The instructions say to cut the body of the cover 38"W x 28"L and 3/4 yard is only 27" already too short, then when you wash it it's even shorter. I ended up wasting money on buying that 3/4 yard because I had to go back and get a full yard.  I think I'm going to make some cute place mats with the fabric I couldn't use. One other change is, she used terry cloth for the corner pocket/wipe, I used flannel instead. It was cheaper than terry cloth, at $4.99 a yard, whereas the terry was $12.99 a yard.

I used most the dimensions that were specified in the tutorial:

Here is what you will need:

3/4 of a yard  1 yard of heavier weight or home decor weight cotton material. (be sure to check the bolt to see if it is washable. Several of the ones I saw were dry clean only)

Two 1" D-rings (These are a little small and I think next time I'll use 1.5")

15" of boning (I found this at Joann's, but you will have to buy 1/4 yd, they don't sell by the inch)

coordinating thread (I used Gutermann)

1/4 yd. flannel material (can also use terry cloth)

From your material you will cut:

-one rectangle that is 28" x 38" (the body of the cover)

-one rectangle that is 4 1/2" x 27" (the strap)

-one small rectangle that is 6" x 5" (this piece holds the d-rings in place).

From your flannel or terry cloth you will cut:
-one 7"x7" square.

All seam allowances are 1/4", unless otherwise noted.

I picked this super cute summery flip flop fabric

Making the strap:

Use the 4 1/2" x 27" piece and fold lengthwise with the right sides together and pin.

Start sewing with the short end 1/4" seam. Pivot at the corner, sew down the long side. Don't sew the other short end closed.

Trim the corners. I went back through and did a zigzag stitch along the seam allowance to reinforce. (I don't own a serger)

Turn the strap right side out, press and set aside to use later.

Making the D ring holder:

Fold lengthwise, right sides together and sew along the long edge. The short sides don't need to be sewn.

Turn right side out and press.  Set to the side.
I pressed mine so that the sewn seam was down the middle.

Making the cover:

Fold along the bottom of the cover 1/4" and press. Do the same with the two short sides, fold in 1/4" and press.

Now fold your flannel (terry cloth) diagonal into a triangle

Place it at the corner (I put mine at the right hand side), folded edge out. 
Fold over the bottom edge another 1/4" press and pin in place.

Sew along the bottom edge of the cover, about 3/8".

Now sew the shorter side, start with the end that doesn't have the flannel. Backstitch at the end.

Repeat and sew the other side to create a corner without the flannel.

Putting together the top of the cover:

Fold the top raw edge of the cover over 3/4" and press. Fold over again 1" and press.

Take your piece of boning so that it curves upward. Place it inside the fold right in the middle

Pin to hold the boning in place

Get your D ring holder and slide both D rings on and fold in half. I did a zigzag stitch along the raw edges. Tuck it under the folded fabric on the left side of the boning and pin into place.

Also get the strap and do the same. Zigzag along the raw edge, then tuck under the folded fabric to the right of the boning and pin in place. Sew along the top fold at 1/4" from the inside, backstitch at both ends.

Next  fold the D-ring holder up so that the D-rings are above the top edge of the cover. Starting at the top outside edge, stitch across the top, pivot and stitch down the side, then pivot again and stitch across the bottom, stay stitching at beginning and end. This will secure it.

Do the same with the strap.

I also sewed the ends of the top hem closed.

And.... Presto... All finished. Looks nice!


Kasey said...

I got one of these covers for free in an online giveaway, and I love it, but mine doesn't have the terry-cloth in the corner. That is truly a clever idea, I'll have to make sure I remember that for when I want to make one, which I'm sure I will eventually, great directions, I'm bookmarking!

lisaplus5 said...

his is great! i love the idea of creating my own, they are very costly and i like my privacy when i nurse. the pattern you chose is so fun!

.. said...

Thanks for your comments. I am still very new to sewing. This cover was VERY easy to make. I actually prefer the step by step instructions over paper patterns.

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