Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MY 100th Blog Post: by August & Kiley

For my 100th post I have decided to turn the page over to our two oldest girls. You will get to hear directly from August and Kiley. They are such a blessing to me. They are very loving, giving and joyful little girls. They are hardworking and helpful and I'm thankful everyday that I was chosen to be their mother. I cherish the time I've had with them. As the years of raising them get shorter and shorter I am excited to see what godly young women they will become. I look forward to watching them become wives and mothers and seeing them raise their own families.

 I don't know if I'll ever be able to explain to them how much I love them, and how much they mean to me. I'm sure when they have their own children they will understand. 3 years ago God made it possible for me to stay home with our children. Being home full time has really given me time to get to know them and become close with them. They are two of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life. I've said before, I hope I can be more like them when I grow up. They strive each day to do what is right, they have an intense desire to do things God's way. They are very humble and loving. They have taught me a lot. Seeing things through a child's eyes and a child's faith has softened my heart and helped me see God better.

 I asked my husband a few nights ago what he wanted for them. He said "I just want them to be happy". And, what do I want for them? I want them to have a firm foundation in their faith, so that whatever life throws at them they will trust God to see them through. I want them to have knowledge in the bible so that they will not be deceived. I want them to marry godly "men" who will protect them and allow them to be women. I want them to know the joys and love of being mothers. As I list these things I realize, I want the same thing my husband wants, for them to be happy. Sort of cliche, I know. I don't know how else to describe it. I'm going to turn this post over to the two of them.

 August's entry


When you have a family of seven and a number of pets each person has to have some responsibilities. For instance, Kiley and I have chores we have to do for free and some we do for money. There is a short free chore list; taking out the recycling, clean the litter box, clean the kitchen and dishes after dinner, clean our room, make sure our stuff isn't all over the house, keep our hermit crab cage clean. It might seem a little long but if you think about it, it really isn't.

Kiley and I have these lists called penny charts and we use them to earn money. For each chore we do we get 10 cents, except for free chores. But, if you do the whole kitchen it just isn't 10 cents, each thing is 10 cents. You see, it's 10 cent's each for loading the dishwasher, unloading the dishwasher, counters, stove, and sweeping. Plus, some days Mommy will do a 50 cent day or a 25 cent day. Or if you do a really big chore then it might be worth a little more. Each time we get up to $20.00 on our chart Mommy's pays us and takes us to the bank to put in our money. Doing all of my chores is totally worth it in the end because I can buy stuff that I want to buy.

Kiley's entry

My sister and I have been given responsibilities to take care of. My job is to take out the recycling everyday, make sure my room is clean, and my hermit crab cage is clean, and also maintain the kitchen. The chores that I listed are everyday chores that I don't get money for. Every other chore I do I get ten cents for. I mark my progress on a piece of paper. Certain chores we do sometimes will earn more money, for example when we clean Emily and Julia's room we get one or two dollars and the other day Haley, August and I cleaned the backyard and each got five dollars! That would be 50 chores normally. I think having responsibilities makes us more responsible, and makes us think and earn money just like in the real world.


I think it's cute that they both picked their house chores to write about.

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