Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Operation Declutter: Day 3 & 4 - Finish Little Girls Room & Big Girls Room Closet

On Saturday, I finished up the little girls room. I cleaned out under their beds. There really wasn't much under there, definitely not enough to take up an entire blog post. The entire weight of garbage/clutter was only about 3 pounds. I washed the windows and vacuumed under the beds.

Today I started in the big girls room. I started in the closet, which didn't really look like that much....boy oh boy was I wrong. It took SOOOO LOOOONG!

If you wish to catch up, read about our previous days decluttering here

Day 3: THE LITTLE GIRLS' ROOM - Under the Beds:

The girls have play tents and tunnels which I do keep under their beds in a duffel bag. I also moved the umbrella strollers there. I found only a small amount of toys under there. That was nice. I vacuumed under and cleaned the window inside and out. I did a quick look through their shoe box and was able to toss a couple pairs that were too small. OH, and the coat rack, was a little cluttered, and I removed the coats to pack up with our winter stuff. It was a very quick day, only about 30 minutes. 

The random toys from under the bed

Duffel bag with play tents. This was my soccer bag when I was 13. Go Kool Kicks!

I had my little girl get under the bed and pull the stuff out. What? You didn't think I was going to do that did you?

Room all done!

Also on Saturday my husband and the children all worked on decluttering the back yardette in time for 4th of July. I didn't take pictures of that. I'm not adding in the outside stuff to the totals.


This was not supposed to be the next area of decluttering, but the older girls were so excited about how the little girls room looked that they wanted theirs to be next. I am having them help with their own room. We did their closet today. Whew! It was some work. It took us a few hours.

We started on the top shelf of the closet. The right side was full of board games, old school mementos they wanted to save. In the middle were a ton of pants hanging. It's been nearly a year since they stopped wearing pants, so it's about time those were gone.

Before: Top right side of closet

After: Top right side of closet

The top left side of the closet had more games, crafting projects, and their baby keepsake box which was overflowing. After going through the games, we realized most were Jr. age games and were too young for them but too old for the little girls, so they went to the donation pile.

Before: Top left side of closet

All of the games that were kept are neatly stacked on this side of the closet shelf.

After: Top left side of closet

On the clothes racks we removed and packed up all of the winter clothing to put in the attic storage. We did donate a bit and some items that were too small were bagged and stored until the little girls fit into them.  

Before: Some of the hanging clothes


The bottom/floors of the closet were last. My step-daughter has her own dresser in the closet and that area was pretty scary. Most of the stuff in and around her dresser was too small or it was for winter. It's been in the 90's and 100's here so all those long sleeves and sweatshirts are not needed and wont be again for several months. (Seasonal items that we store are not being counted into the clutter poundage).

Before: Bottom right side of closet

After: Bottom right side of closet

The left side was just as scary. There were more games, and various other things that were just shoved in there. I found two backpacks full of old schoolwork form last year. There was also a white box/chest type of thing in there that was falling apart and full of stuff that could be recycled or donated. A few books were kept from the chest and put on the shelf up top.

Before: Bottom left side of closet

After: Bottom left side of closet

Recycle and garbage pile

Donation pile
 (all donations are going to Victory Baptist Church for the annual rummage sale)

I spent about $20 to get storage bins for the girls "memory" stuff. They were sharing boxes and it was getting too full. Each girl now has a box, to put their keepsake stuff in, and this will go into the attic storage.

 I am amazed at the amount of stuff we were able to be rid of today. It makes my heart happy and I had to take a huge sigh of relief. Today's weight of removed clutter, just form the girls closet was a whopping 75.3 pounds. When added to the 3 pounds from finishing the other room and the previous running total, we now are at 140.4 pounds. WOW!!

We will be taking off tomorrow and Thursday and hopefully should pick back up again on Friday. Have a fabulous week. God bless.

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Sarah said...

once agai fantastic and yay and i just love to see this kind of project! great job!

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