Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Operation Declutter: Day 5 - Media Stand and Bathroom

Our TV  or Media stand rather, there is no TV on it, needed some cleaning. For some strange reason I have held on to a bunch of super scratched beyond the ability to function CD's and DVD's.


This poor spot had at least 6 CD/DVD folders (mostly my husbands stuff) but, there was plenty to throw out. The sad flowers for one. The big pile of Preschool books, were moved to the school shelf. That blue planter box there, didn't have a plant, but a spindle of more CD's. After a lot of tossing and a bit of giveaway. We ended up with 13.7 pounds less, and this...


My next spot was our bathroom. Our ONLY bathroom. A house with 6 females and only 1 bathroom?? Yes, just one. But, praise God, it's at least one, right?

This room was crayzay! Like I said, we only have 1 bathroom so all of the bathroom stuff has to go here. There is a little storage in the hall, so I put extra stuff there.  I did find a plethora of razors and blade refills in the vanity, and those were all moved to the hall storage.

first things first, the ridiculous counter, goodness.

Before: Counter

This wasn't rocket science, JUST PUT THE STUFF AWAY. Piece of cake!

Counter: After

The dreaded under the sink. AHHHH! This is home to lotion. Lots and lots of lotion. I have tons of lotion. I don't even use lotion, but somehow it likes me. I am constantly getting rid of bottles of lotion. I think it's one of those things you get when people don't know what to get you. Or it could be they don't like it either and are re-gifting? I do however keep several bottles of lotion still, just in case I need it. (the pack rats famous words)

Ahem, this is also home to all the girls' hair do things, hair care products, brushes, etc..
Red Vine buckets are fantastic for holding a bunch of brushes. I think when I was a kid our brushes were in a Red Vine bucket. Some childhood nostalgia.

Before: Under the sink

I once had an idea to organize the different types of hair things in that little white drawer thing. Like barrettes in the top, hairbands in the middle and then headbands at the bottom. That was short lived, it was a mess and took up too much space. I hear things like "Moooooom, I can't find ANY headbands"

hmmm probably because they are all here on my arm. All 100 of them.

Got Headbands?

After: Under the sink

Notice the cute blue plant box from the living room? It's much nicer looking than the Red Vine bucket, and it holds the everyday hair stuff quite well. And also notice the hair drawer thingy is gone. I've moved them to ziploc bags on the door. I don't know if it'll stay that way, but that's all the room I have. Because, did I mention we only have 1 bathroom?

Next is the drawers. The first is the man drawer. It's full of normal man stuff. I am not showing a picture of my drawer before because, I'm just not.

Before: Man drawer

After: Man drawer

My drawer was converted into the hair brush drawer, because after all the decluttering I had no use for a drawer. I even lined them with pretty contact paper.

After: Hair drawer

The bottom drawer is the hidden super secret drawer that I didn't even know existed until I had lived here for quite a while. I found it on accident while trying to clean under the vanity.

Before: Super secret hidden drawer

After: Super secret hidden drawer

The medicine cabinet was kind of, no biggie, I probably could have left it out but, I'm not.

Before: Medicine cabinet

After: Medicine cabinet

And, home to more lotion, but mostly soap stuff, is the over the toilet cabinet.


I copied the alligator from my sister. Hers was so cute I had to get one last year, he holds the Q-tips.

The bathroom yielded 5.3 lbs of clutter, along with the 13.7 lbs from the living room we are now at, 159.4 pounds of clutter, gone.

I am rewarding myself with a new shower curtain. I saw a darling one at Wal-Mart the other day. I have had the same one for about 4 years and it's beginning to get a little boring. I am planning donating the old one so it doesn't hang around and become more clutter. The great thing about this new one is it will match my existing towels so the bathroom doesn't have to undergo an entire makeover. I will get it next time my husband pays me.

Next I think will be either more of the big girls room or more in the living room. Stay tuned.

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Sarah said...

of course i love it! and wow to the one bathroom thing! crazy!

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