Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Before They Meet Prince Charming

Graduating elementary school was a huge step for Kiley and August. It takes them to the next and probably most difficult time in their lives. "The Middle School Years". Welcome strange feelings, puberty, desires for independence, learning how to become a woman and many other things, all wrapped up in about 3 or 4 very very loooong years.

The very last week of elementary school brought a special assembly in which girls and boys were separated and taught about puberty and body changes, periods etc. We decided that all of these subjects are going to be taught to our girls, by us. The schools have left out a very very vital thing in their teachings of sexual education. They have forgotten to teach the fragility of a child's heart. The physical aspects are all covered. They are taught how to do it and what to use to avoid getting pregnant and diseases. Heck, they are even provided with the supplies. They are told to be abstinent to avoid these things all together. What they are not told, is how this will effect them emotionally after and for the rest of their lives.

Parents are shut out and the school becomes the one take the place of the one who truely love this child. My daughter can now do all sorts of things without my knowledge or consent.

My main focus is that of my daughters' hearts. Their physical well being and their future marriage and children. It is my mission to do whatever I can possibly to do ensure my daughters are nothing like I was. I don't even want them to experience one iota of who I was as a teenager. The extreme shattered heart and emotional baggage I experienced was very damaging for a long time.

The responsibility God has given to me to raise these girls is an honor. I want to do everything I can to make sure I do it right and do it the way He wants.

I gave them each a book for graduating elementary school. Before You Meet Prince Charming, By Sarah Mally. It was recommended to me as a tool to use to help show and train young women to guard their hearts and keep themselves pure for the one that God has for them, while using Biblical principals and scripture. Sounds rediculous in this day and age, doesn't it? I say, why not dream big? Why not hold high standards? Women before the last 30-40 years didn't date like women do today. This is a new consept that doesn't seem to be working very well. There are so many unwed mothers, teenage pregnancies (despite the freebies available), abortions and divorces and broken relationships. Each decade gets worse, the divorce rates increase and more homes and children are broken.

Is it possible to raise a daughter who will remain pure until marriage? We are certainly going to teach her. It will be my prayer that she will develop a conviction in her heart to guard it and keep it safe.

I'm enclosing and excerpt from the above book. It is a beautiful illustration. The Princess is walking with her father the King to the Royal Rose Garden, she thought her father was being overly cautious with her and too protective.

"Look at this, What do you see?" her father questioned.

"A lovely rose," she said.

"What color?"


"Pure white," her father emphasized. "What else do you notice?"

"Well, it is closed. It is just a bud."

"What is the inside like?" he inquired. "Open it for me."

"I can't open it for you!"

"Why not?" he asked

"Because it has to open by itself," she stated.

"But I want to see the inside," repeated the king.

"Then you will have to wait for it to open when it is ready. If I force it open, you will never see it's beauty."

"But are you not overly cautious?" teased the king. "We'll only open a few petals."

"The rose is very delicate," she answered. "The petals will tear, and it will never be the same."

"And so it is with many fair maidens," the king explained. "Their beauty is never fully seen, for they wait not until the proper time. They are handled and played with my too many a fellow. Their heart is open prematurely. The fragrance and beauty that was intended for the perfect time is lost or damaged forever"

"Yes, I understand now, Father," said the princess.


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