Monday, October 19, 2009

A Very, Very Busy Weekend (the long blog)

It was a real busy weekend. We decided to take the little girls to the mall Friday night to have their ears pierced. I originally decided not to have them pierced when they were babies, like their older sisters. I wanted to have them pick when and if they wanted them done. Lately, J has been obsessed with anyone who has "holes in the ears". She always asks to look at the earrings at the store and loves when she sees them on others.

I have been looking for clip ons for her. We have a few from my grandmother but they are pretty huge and hard for her to keep on. She knew that these were not the kind you put in ear holes. haha. She said we need to "take me down there to get holes" I don't know where she thought down there was, but it was cute to hear them say that. E didn't seem as interested in the earrings. When we asked her she would always change her answer. One day she wanted them, the other she didn't. So I wasn't sure if she'd get them or not. We just planned to take J and see what E decided.

I took all the kids to the mall Friday afternoon. We started our trip at Nordstrom so A could finally buy her long awaited Ugg boots. She decided a year ago she wanted genuine Ugg boots after having a cheaper version. She tried on the Ugg's last year and immediately fell in love. I'll admit they are wonderfully comfortable. She asked for her birthday and all other gift giving events for money so she could save. She did extra chores around the house and various other things to earn her own money. There were several times when she really wanted to take a detour in her saving to buy something else. I let her use her Ugg money to buy a new sweatshirt she wanted. I tried to explain that she shouldn't take her eye off the end of the race but she was adamant she wanted this jacket. About a week later she was bummed that she spent some of her Ugg money and now she had that much more to save.

I was secretly hoping she would give up the idea of saving to buy $150 boots,since her feet are still growing. NO way. It took her a year, but she saved that money. I'm very proud of her dedication to keep a goal for so long at her age. It's wonderful to see her show endurance. It's a wonderful character trait to posses.

We had 2 hours to kill at the mall before Adam got off work to meet us there for J to get her ears pierced. The 3 big girls are getting to that "mall" age. They visited all the teeny ager stores and walked around the mall. It's cute. I remember loving to hang at the mall. I sat in the nice comfy chairs they provide and waited for them to finish oohing and ahhhing at the obscenely overpriced clothing.

We chose The Icing by Claires to have the ears done. J went right in the store and got right up in the chair. E decided she would have her ears pierced. We had her go first, as we thought she'd be the hardest. They did both ears at the same time. E said "OUCH" and cried a bit, not much though. As soon as she got her sucker she was done crying. J was then ready to go. They did her ears and she cried and cried. The poor baby cried for almost 10 minutes. I felt horrible. She kept saying "that really hurt". By the next day she was in love with her earrings.

I was checking out Martha Stewart On-Demand. She always has great craft ideas for the holidays. Most of which are always way too difficult or require some item that is only sold in New England during the month of November,only on Tuesdays between the hours of 8am and 8:15am, and costs a fortune. HA!

She made these adorable Ghost Trick or Treat bags from white pillow cases. It looked so easy. It was a great project for all of my kids to do. Here is the link to the project. (I haven't figured out how to name links yet) Each of the girls picked out their face and we cut them out, ironed them on and put in the rope to sinch up the top. It was so much fun. All the girls had a great time and were very proud of their bags. This, I think will be an awesome gift idea in the future.






Adam turned 31 on Sunday. We celebrated Saturday afternoon with dinner and a yummy homemade ice cream cake courtesy of my mother in law. We had about 20 people in our tiny little house. But it was much fun. I love having family over, and I love cooking dinner for them. I used my sisters Alfredo sauce recipe. I made Chicken Fettucini Alfredo. Sooo yummy.

The big girls decided they wanted to participate in the church Christmas play. I think they are all shepherds and sheep. So cute. I had to work and really didn't want to. It was a long, tiring, but very fun weekend.


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