Monday, March 16, 2009

The Science Odyssey

I have a bunch of pictures from the girls Science Odyssey. We weren't able to hear the results of A's judged project, they were to announce it at school today but A didn't hear anything.

This Science Fair was unlike any I had ever been to. It was at the middle school. There were several classrooms set up with science exhibits and demonstrations by scientists from the Livermore Lab. The 4-H club kids were there with the animals they were raising. We got to see chickens, bunnies and tiny baby goats. The little girls loved this part. The Science projects submitted by students were split up between the Gym and the Multi-purpose room. We spent two hours there checking out all the stuff. They even served food. yumm.

The Soda Taste Test Project by:
K and her friend "M"
Crystals Project by:
A and and her friend "E"

A and a 4-H chicken

K, A and their friend "E"

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pezzoni1 said...

I finally figured out the Google account. :)
Go girls!!!

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