Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today was the first rain free day in a while. We were aching to get outside and do something. Anything. Our house is extremely small (900sf and 6 people living in it) so when you have to stay inside all day it gets a little squished. E, J, Super Jax the Ninja Cat (our kitty) and I went on a worm hunting adventure. There are always tons and tons of worms outside after it rains. The girls grabbed their buckets and out we went. Jax followed along on our trip. He's so cute!

Ready to go

Jax likes worm hunting too

I had to pick up the first few worms myself because the girls were acting all grossed out. This really doesn't work for me, I like kids who like worms. It was a little tricky, I had to pet the worm *eww* and actually call it "nice worm". "E" was on board after that. She was petting and petting those little slimy suckers. She finally started to pick them up herself. She was so proud of herself, she yelled "I did it, high five". She is so cute I just want to squeeze her guts out sometimes.

Teaching them to pick up worms

E's first worm

Of course, Julia is equally as cute, but she didn't want anything to do with touching those worms.

Mommy: J look, pet the nice worm

J: I can't want to pet the worm

Mommy: Come on. Look, Emmy is picking up the worms, you do it

J: I can't want to do it, I can't pick up the worm

Mommy: You can do it, E can do it (a little peer pressure)

J: No, you put the worm in my bucket. E touch the worm. E can put it in my bucket too.

She was very excited to show daddy all of her worms despite the fact that she didn't pick any up. Oh well, it was our first worm hunting quest. She just needs a little more practice, or she figured out that she didn't have any need to get her hands all dirty if E did it for her.


The girls hunted for worms for about an hour. It was really a lot of fun. I can't wait for it to rain again.

The big daddy worm

The worm lot

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