Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Science Fair (revision)

K and A will be participating in the school Science Fair tomorrow evening. A has partnered up with her good friend "E" from school.

Tonight we go to the middle school to set up the projects, and tomorrow night is the big fair. A and her friend are submitting a judged project on crystals. They grew crystals to determine if colored crystals grew faster/slower/different from clear crystals. K, is submitting a non-judged project. She did soda taste testing. I will have to say, I would have called myself an expert of soda flavor, until now. I absolutely couldn't tell the difference between Sprite and Sierra Mist. The diet sodas were a little tricky too.

I'll put up another Science Fair post after tomorrow, with the pictures and the results.

*I'm revising the original post and deleted the part with K's drop out friend. K decided that she was not going to let her friend drop out of the Science Fair. She handed the project in with her friends name on it, too. The girl did help with the experiment, but decided she wanted to drop out. K called her and said she turned in the project, got the girl a t-shirt and that we would pick her up and take her with us tomorrow night. This child amazes me. I wish I was that sweet.*

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