Monday, May 2, 2011


It's been busy around here. We are wrapping up our school year and getting ready for our crazy summer to begin.  7 of our friends had babies last year, so we are up to our ears in 1st birthday parties,  youth conference, kids' sports, swim lessons,  and a couple of camping trips. Our Anniversary this year falls on the same weekend that my husband's brother is graduating from college, so we probably won't be doing anything special.

I'm looking forward to the break from school, so we can relax a bit. Next year is going to be a lot busier. Emily and Julia will be starting Kindergarten, and I'll be teaching arts and crafts classes, working on the community service and skit committees for our 4H group. I'm incredibly excited about being  a project leader in 4H next year. Kiley and August are getting all of their entries ready for the county fair this year. Last year KIley won the Judges Favorite for her bird painting. They have a chance to win better awards if they enter more items.

Emily and Julia are such smart little cookies. I don't think Kindergarten will be a problem for them. They have already grasped math concepts and can add really well. They seem to "get" math, but not letters so much. I'm just going to take the reading a little slower. They are looking forward to being able to read on their own.

Kiley and August are going to be entering their last year of middle school. They are doing pre-algebra and US history. If any of you mommies have any US history curriculum that is less secular based, I'd be happy to receive comments on what would be good. We will be going from the Revolution through WWI. Science is going to include  a lot of hands on experiments. This should be fun. And they will be continuing in their violin lessons along with teaching their younger sisters how to play, and getting paid for it. I'm also planning on having them teach me the proper use of commas, since I am obviously comma impaired. However, thanks for continuing to read anyway.

I had my share of interesting blog comments this week. It's funny that my blog view numbers go up daily, but people only comment on abortion posts or posts about reprobate weirdos. *shrugging shoulders*

I have a couple of comments that I need to approve, but I'd actually like to reply to them, so hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow.

I need to finish making my Mother's Day gifts for this year; I hand made cards too. I've never made cards before. They turned out cute. I'll post pictures of the creations after the fact. I'm excited about Mother's Day this year. I'm spending it with only my hubby and kids. We rarely get outside time for just us as a family, and since our anniversary is booked, this will be like the make up for that.

Kiley and August had their second cake decorating class and they are doing quite well. The cakes are yummy but never good when you're trying to lose some poundage.

I have more to write about, but I'm tired. Aha, this will keep you in suspense, and you will have to return to find out what else happened. *grin*

Betcha didn't know I could be funny. Good night and God bless you.


Mae R said...

Hehe, I enjoy reading your blogs! I dont normally comment, cause to be perfectly honest, I am either in a hurry or just flat out ADHD. :-) I admire all the things you are doing with the girls. Hugs Lady!! <3

Taryn said...

I prefer the KJ Bible and KJ curriculums-Abeka, Landmark Freedom, Rod and Staff,etc. I order through Christian Liberty Press for Abeka and Saxon math(we didn't like Teaching Textbooks math). Our children liked the Modern Curriculum Press math- at CLP-in the younger grades.

Taryn said...

Every year we ordered the Spectrum test prep workbooks(grades 1-8) at Timberdoodle. I give my children the test($25 each) at Seton Testing Service in May. We like Abeka health/P.E.,art and music. We liked Christian Light Education's(Mennonite) 7th grade hardcover textbook-world history.

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