Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday?

Please tell me this isn't so! Where did the week go? (rhyme not intended) I wish I could say I've finished all of the laundry for the week; finished making my Mother's Day gifts, and I'm all set for Sunday. I wish I could say that. Ha! If procrastinator had a photo it would certainly be mine. To avoid going upstairs to fold the 3 loads of laundry, I'm blogging instead. I should go up and fold, but it's really hot up there; it is cool down here. I can foresee it now, I will be crying to my husband at 10pm tonight when he's heading up to bed and I still haven't finished my gifts.

*reasons with self*


 Just get your work done. Get off of the computer!

You'll be happy you did your work first!

*ponders it and walks in a different direction*

Er, um, here are some cute photos of Emily and Julia doing math today! Happy Friday.


Helene said...

You wanna know how much stuff we have??!! I saw that dry erase board your girls were using and I was all, "Oh wow, that is SO kids would love something like that."

When I showed my daughter the pics, she goes, "Uh, we have the garage, buried somewhere".

Sure enough, we do have one. It's probably time for us to clear out our garage...again.

Love the pics...and I love that your girls actually get along in the pictures!!

BTW, I had no idea you were in CA! I'm in Northern CA!

Mindy said...

I noticed Julia (?) is left-handed!

I think it's so neat when a set of twins end up one right handed, one left, or 'mirror twins.' I'm left handed (no twin, though), which is about 10% of the world's population. There are all sorts of ideas about why certain people are left-handed and one is that they had a twin that didn't develop naturally. I just always think twins are neat, even though it's banal because, hey, 'that's what you do' LOL!

God Bless,


Kimmie said...


Nice observation, and you're very close. Emily is the lefty. My mom and aunt are both lefties too.

Mindy said...

Are Kiley and August mirror twins as well? I'm curious, because my grandmother was left-handed, as well as others in my family (although many were 'switched' to writing with their right hand as children--I can't imagine! Teachers so out of touch they can't stand one child to write with her left hand!) and a history of twins. Maybe a connection--go figure!

God Bless,


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