Thursday, November 4, 2010

Twin Mix Up

The day before yesterday I put the little twins hair in sponge curlers. They wore it all day and all night and we took them out the next morning. Their curls were so absolutely cute. I took a picture of them.

I had it set in my head that the one on the left was Emily and the one on the right was Julia. Later in the day I showed Emily and pointed to the one on the left and said "look how cute your hair is all curly". She said giggling "That's Julia not me". I quickly replied "NOOO That's you"..... "Mom, I wore the pink monkey shirt". Yikes.

Usually they have very different expressions on their faces. Emily is right, that's her on the right, but she has a very Julia-ish smile going on.

I have to laugh at myself. People as me all the time "How do you tell them apart?". I guess it's not as easy as I say it is. They are identical after all. Any mother of twins who has done this will understand how very weird it feels to "love" one as if they were the other one.


Sherry said...

I love this post! Your twins are adorable! That is so funny about the mix up! My husband and I both have twin sisters, and we have been praying for twins for years, but have never been blessed with any! What a blessing they must be!

.. said...

Thanks Sherry. That's so neat that you commented here, I just recently found your blog. I really enjoyed the training posts. And CONGRATS on #12. How wonderful.

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