Thursday, November 11, 2010

So, you think you can buy a house?

Buying a house has become a lot more difficult than we expected. It seems that everyone else wants to buy the same homes we like. We've been  out looking at different houses many times. I'm sure we've seen close to 30 houses. Out of those, we've really liked 3, and submitted offers on those. We were outbid on all of these. One of the houses we even put in for $34,000 over what they were asking and still we didn't get it. This definitely is going to take longer than the 2 months we were expecting.

 We thought we had found a wonderful house. It was a 4 bedroom with a huge lot. It had been vandalized but it wasn't anything that Adam can't fix. Someone had broken 3 windows, punched holes in all the interior doors andburned some of the carpeting. It really was a very nice house, just needed some fixing. The lot is what we were most excited about. Our bubble burst when we were told that lenders wont give mortgage loans on homes with broken windows. GRRRR! You've got to be kidding me. Adam could fix those windows for less than $1000 and we can't buy it. It was a little bothersome.

We will just keep looking. Obviously we haven't found the right place yet, or I'd be posting about us moving. The little place we're staying in, is quite cozy. It's a little cramped but we're used to it. Small houses make for closer families.

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