Sunday, November 7, 2010

Big Weekend for the Big Twins

This weekend was all about the big twins. They had a weekend full of activities. Friday night they had the performance final for the public speaking class they have been taking. All of the kids in the class got to pick their best speech they had done over the course of the class and perform it in front of a real audience. They learned a lot and had fun. I think they both would like to continue in public speaking. They were both very good at it.

Kiley performed a Humorous Interpretation. This is an acting performance of a published piece it has to be acted out without props or other people. She chose a children's book called Olivia. She did a fantastic job and was very funny.

August performed her Expository Speech. This is a self written speech using a poster board and props. Her speech was called  Have Pity on a Kitty, it focused on the lost or abandoned cats in kittens in your neighborhood and how you can help save them from being put to sleep. I was very impressed with the speech she wrote. My cute little activist. She is definitely a true cat lover.

August and Kiley
Here is the entire class with their teacher.

Saturday was a very full day. They had their last soccer game of the season, immediately followed by the end of the year soccer party. This was nice, we went to the home of one of the girls on the team. She lives on a vineyard. It was beautiful there. Both Kiley and August received special awards for being the two best players on the team this year. We had a coach from another team call our coach trying to recruit them to play on his indoor soccer team. Our coach also is hoping for them to play on his indoor team. We're thinking about it. Indoor soccer is a little expensive. It would be great fun for them though. We were told that Kiley is such an excellent goalie she could play on an older or even adult team, if she was just a little bigger. ;)

At the end of each soccer season, the league has a final World Cup game. They choose the best players for the year, divide them up on teams and they play a championship game at night under the lights. Kiley was chosen to play goalie and forward, and August was chosen to play defender and halfback. They are very excited and proud of themselves. I loved soccer when I was a kid, I'm glad they do also.

We had to leave the soccer party early to go to their violin recital. They did a duet and had to memorize two songs. They played "Long, Long Ago" and "Allegro". This is their 4th year playing violin and their second year having private Suzuki lessons. I'm so glad they enjoy playing, I love the sound of the violin.

Kiley and August
Next weekend is their 12th birthday. They are growing up fast and becoming wonderful sweet young women. They are such lovely girls with beautiful hearts. I hope to be more like them when I grow up.

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