Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wake up women

I've recently watched a couple of films which were set in older times. I absolutely love the chivalry and modesty. I love the respect men had for women and the respect women had for themselves. Men treated women like royalty. Not anything like today where the "liberation" of women has only made their treatment worse. Men treat women like garbage now.

When we were on the airplane to Tennessee, there was an older woman trying to put her bag in the overhead compartment. She was probably in her 60's. All around her were younger men (20's 30's 40's) standing and watching and waiting for her to move so they could find their seats. She struggled with the bag for several minutes and she tried to maneuver other bags to make hers fit. A female flight attendant made her way through the line of people standing and watching to help this woman. Not one of those men helped her. What is wrong with this?

Women being so determined to put themselves in the same position as men, have really created a bad situation for themselves. I'll bet 50 years ago every single man on that plane would have been there to help that woman. Women expect to be respected like they are men but still treated like a women. This doesn't work.  Women are not men. They are equal human beings but the genders are not the same. This is a fact.

There are many factors of course on why men don't treat women like royalty any longer. My topic today is on the way many women dress. I am a lover of past times, I love the dresses the women wore in the 1950's. I only wish I could have lived in a time where people dressed nicely. Men wore suits and hats on airplanes and to baseball games. And women wore dresses and earrings with their hair and makeup fixed just to do the laundry or go grocery shopping. I remember my mother telling me how her mother would dress up with heels and earrings just to go see the Dr. If you walk into any Dr's office today, you will see people mostly dressed in sweats or even pajamas. Actually, while in Tennessee, this was not the case. Most of the people we saw were all dressed very nice, even those visiting the hospital. It was a very nice and clean place it seemed like people cared more. Very different than here in California.

When I was a child, the casual sweat suit was a big deal. All the kids started wearing them to school. I wanted one SO BAD. All my friends wore them. My mother refused to ever let us wear sweats out of the house. I was so mad at her, I mean didn't she understand that everyone wore the sweatsuits? I'm thankful today that she always taught us to dress appropriately for every occasion. She never leaves the house unless she is properly dressed with her hair and makeup done. Honestly I think people show more respect to you when you are dressed nicely. Especially when women dress like women. I find dresses and skirts far more comfortable than blue jeans. They allow so much more freedom than pants. Go figure.

Take a look.









 You can see the decline in modesty through each decade. The even faster decline in and after the 1960's. Did you know in the 1960's a lot more women left the home and worked while their children were put in daycare? Prayer and Bible reading were taken out of the public school system, and out of the government buildings. There were vast increases in divorce, premarital sex and the limiting of children through birth control. Abortion became legal. Fathers stopped being part of daily family life. Sin increased and morals decreased. Follow the pictures each decade you can see the obvious decrease. Do you notice as the women become more scantly dressed the men's attire becomes lazy? Women had/have a lot more control and power than they think they do.

The success of a society is based on the morality of women. When women behave like women, the men follow suit and treat them like women. Women control the way men behave. A man will only behave the way women allow them to. Men will not treat women like royalty and ladies if women dong act the part. Women must act the part first. A woman can't stand there and demand respect when they don't provide anything to be respected. I've heard over and over again from a few women I know, that they wish men would "man up" and treat them like women. These same women go out to bars half naked and act basically like whores and expect men to be chivalrous and considerate?  Why would they?

Adam and Eve before sin: Genesis 2:25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

After sin: Genesis 3:21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.

Clothing was made to cover their sin. Look at the pictures again. As the disregard for sin on Earth increases, the amount of clothing worn decreases. It's sad when your 4 year old sees a group of teenage girls in short shorts and asks "Why are they out in their underwear?"

 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; II Timothy 2:9


Carms said...

Not always true. Two years ago I was pregnant, and wore skirts 99% of the time. I was at my daughter's 8th grade basketball game where an older man (maybe in his 50's) threatened to "kick my you know what" if I touched him again. I was on bleachers, he was sitting in front of me, and my knees brushed against his back. He was mad because his daughter's team was losing against our team. Several people came over to say never mind him as he is known to be this way. We had just moved to the area a few months prior and my husband was deployed.
I now wear skirts maybe 50% of the time and yet, see no difference in how I am treated when I am out and about.

Mindy said...

I would like to suggest to you and your readers who romanticize certain time periods (yes, there were women who wore mini-skirts in the sixties. It was also a time of great social upheaval, where, frequently, stay-at-home mothers took tranquilizers and drank and smoked frequently, even while pregnant, the Vietnam war and the subsequent draft was occurring, causing millions of deaths, John F. Kennedy was assassinated...I could go on and on.) that there is no correlation between single pictures of different societal groups in different times. An excellent book to read, which is also dripping with 'the good stuff' is entitled 'Inside the Victorian Home: A Portrait of Domestic Life in Victorian England' by Judith Flanders. It is a long but worthwhile read.


Kimmie said...


I'm sure the past is romaticized often. Especially by those who weren't alive during those times. I think women still take tranquilizers drink and smoke while pregnant. I don't think it has anything to do with being stay at home mom. No stereotype can encapsulate all people in all positions, but I do feel that more women used to take their job as a wife and mother more seriously than women today. Many many women today think that they deserve a job away from their family all day.

Kimmie said...

Mindy, I'll look for that book next time I go to the library

Mindy said...

It's a long, but fantastic read. It goes through a 'standard Victorian house' room by room--can't recommend it enough.

God Bless!


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