Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

Last week we celebrated Adam's birthday. The kids spent the day making homemade decorations. K and H made swirly hanging streamers, A made the Happy Birthday Daddy banner and E and J colored pictures with the number 32.

Happy Birthday Daddy, banner that A made. It's kinda hard to see
H and K made curly streamers

Little decorations made by E and J

Adam requested that I make him fried chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. It's rare that I make the fried chicken, it's a bit of work and makes the kitchen very messy. I soaked the chicken in buttermilk with Tabasco/Tapatio sauce for about 3/4 hours and then fried them in shortening. YUMMM!  He also asked for Chocolate-Drizzled Cherry Bars in lieu of cake. I learned about this dessert from another blog I read and the first time I made them Adam was in love. This was my 3rd time making them and I have to say, they are so delicious. The writer of the post I read changed the recipe a bit, instead of using cherry pie filling, I got the jar of cherries from Trader Joe's and cooked those up with sugar and corn starch to make it thick. It's super yummy. Everyone loves when I make the bars. 

I added candles too soon. It was still very hot and they started melting. Gotta love those blond moments.

J and E were proud. They helped make it. They really love helping me bake and cook. They are very good at cracking eggs and not getting shells mixed in. They like to pour all the measured ingredients in the bowl. We are still working on learning to measure. J's favorite task is to turn on the Kitchen Aid mixer. Of course the best part for both of them is licking the beater and spoons after.

Look at all those candles. He was happy with his birthday.
I bought 5 of Adam's favorite candy bar as gifts from each of the girls. The older girls hid them all and wrote little riddles as hints on where to find them. Each time he found a candy bar it had the clue for where the next one was. He liked it. Everyone enjoyed this. My father in law is in the picture below. Adam's parents both came over for his birthday dinner. It was so nice having them over, I really love my husbands family.


October had a lot of birthdays for us, 5 total I think.  We still have 2 more before the month is over. I sewed gifts for those two, I'm finishing them up. As soon as they're done I'll post the pictures and instructions to make them. I found a darling little boy sewing craft project. I was very excited since most of my friends have boys, and usually the crafting tutorials are geared toward little girls. I can't wait to finish and give it to him. I always get so anxious to give my gifts.

Next month my older girls will be 12, and I am at a loss on what to do for them. We had a girly spa party last year and that was a blast. If anyone out there has any good ideas for them, please share.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful party. Congratulations to Adam. love Aunt Christel

Anonymous said...

I read what happened over at FJ. I am sorry you had to go through that. There are a lot of very unhappy women over there , that I think they tear people down to make themselves feel better. I actually only read that site to find blogs I like to read. Like yours :) I also think my tubal caused some major problems and it was your post that helped me decided to get mine reversed, so thank you. I also really like your moving hints! And my husband and I both liked your post showing the change in fashion and how attitudes and changed. It was very nicely done :)

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