Monday, October 25, 2010

Golf Towels for my Dad

My dads birthday just passed. It was nice to spend the day with him and the family. I'm always puzzled about what to get him for his birthday. My sisters and I usually resolve to buying him yet another golf shirt or peanut brittle. Since I've been in a sewing and crafting mood lately I wanted to make him something special instead of the usual gift.

I found a fantastic tutorial for golf towels on Junie Moon's blog. This is such a nice golf towel, it's double layered and has a pocket sewn in for cleaning balls or club heads. I found some other patterns for golf towels but these were by far the nicest.

I purchased way too much fabric. I was way off on my calculations. I bought a yard of each fabric, and probably only needed a half yard for each. I made two towels and had enough left over to make two more. Adam said he would like a towel for his golf bag so at least I didn't waste the chenille.

Here is my version of Junie's golf towels.


I used chenille fabric instead of terry. I chose a cotton print fabric for the other side. It has playing cards printed on it. If you know my dad, you know he loves playing cards and golf. The gift ties two hobbies into one. These came out super nice. I was impressed with the quality compared to the ones they sell at the store. It cost about $10 to make both towels. I borrowed the grommet tool.

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