Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts: How to make bath salts

I have been into making gifts lately. I was taught how to make bath salts by my friend. I made 10 jars for Mother's Day this year. I had 3 large lovely mason jars, that I used for my Mother, Mother in law and Sister in law, The others were various jelly, small mason jars and even a relish jar. These were for the mothers at our church. I really enjoy the Victorian era and the style from that time. I made my gift tags with Victorian photos.

Ingredients/Directions for bath salt:

Epsom Salt
Essential Oil  (I used 100% pure Jasmine. I found this at the health food store)
Baking Soda (makes the skin soft)
Food coloring. I used about 3 drops of Neon Pink
I mixed everything up in a large gallon ziplock bag.
I found a wonderful remnant of fabric for $.50, that also matched well with my Victorian theme. I was able to make all of these gifts for less than $20.00. It always pleases my husband when I'm able to stretch his hard earned dollars.

Gift Tag

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edith said...

It smells wonderful!

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