Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Diaper Wreath Tutorial


This is a cheaper alternative to making a diaper cake, which usually costs about $70 to over $100. Just because you are shopping on a budget doesn't mean you need to bring a cheap looking gift. The diaper wreath shown cost approximately $35.00.

Most of the items you need can be found at the dollar store.

Items used in this project:

  • Wicker wreath ring base (you can use styrofoam, or a coat hanger or a wire based ring)

  • 28 Newborn size diapers. (Next time I will use size 1 or 2, these were kind of small to work with) NOTE: The amount of diapers you need will depend on the size of the diapers and the wreath ring.

  • Small rubber bands

  • Curling ribbon

  • Decorative Wire Ribbon

  • "It's a Boy" bow and curled ribbon

  • Toy Bear

  • 2 juice size sippy cups

  • 1 4oz bottle

  • 2 pairs of socks

  • 3 pairs of mittens

  • Sun hat

  • 2 beanie hats

  • 2 pacifiers

  • 8 baby spoons

You will need some type of circle base, like a wreath base. A wire coat hanger could work too. I found this wicker flower wreath at the dollar store.

I removed most of the bulk of the wreath because my diapers are small.

These were extra diapers from another project. They are Earth's Best Organic NB size. I would recommend using size 1 or 2, it was difficult to work with the NB size.

Open the diaper and fold lengthwise toward the center and then wrap around the wreath.

Put the folded in diaper around the wreath and secure it with a small rubber or elastic band.

Continue this until the wreath is full. This is 28 NB diapers.

Cut desired length of curling ribbon to tie around each diaper. I found it easier to curl the ribbon before attaching tying it on.  

After all of the ribbon is tied on, you can are ready to attach the baby items. Use the curled ribbon to tie the items on. I didn't attach something to every diaper but most are spoken for.

This cute little bear is attached by ribbon to hang down in the middle of the wreath.

The next few pictures are close-ups of the items I included in my wreath.



Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing your tutorial. I actually came across it in a google search and it was a huge help. I just blogged about the one I made and referred back to your post.


Jamie Lynne said...

Very nice tutorial! I am also blogging about baby shower crafts I have made and I am including a link to this post in my blog if that's okay!

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