Monday, April 19, 2010

A Fun Weekend With The Little Twins

Adam and I had a rare opportunity of just having the two little girls alone this weekend. All of the bigger girls were gone. It's nice to be able to spend special time with the kids alone or in smaller groups, especially since the age gap is pretty big. We took Emily and Julia out to breakfast at IHop. They each had free meal pass for their birthday. And we headed off to the Zoo.

They had so much fun. We didn't see the entire zoo, we mostly were in the Children's area. They have been to this zoo a few times so they showed us what there was to do. It was super cute. We had a wonderful time. They got their faces painted, which seemed the highlight of their day.

After the zoo we came home and planted a little mini veggie garden. We will be planting more soon, this was just to get us started. Actually, Adam, Emily and Julia did the gardening. I'm not allowed because I have a black thumb. HA!

(photo comments are above each photo)

Snapdragons in our back yardette
Cool swinging monkey guy
Making clay California Poppy planters
A rare glimpse of me. My Sweetie and Me!
Emily, Julia and Adam
Daddy and Julia having her face painted
Emily's face painting
Julia's kitty paint (she was very excited)
Emily the tiger (she was equally excited)
Always climbing
Pretty flowers
Neat little yellow frog
Brushing goats
Daddy gardening
With their new garden stuff (thanks Auntie Amy)
Our little garden

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