Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One of those moments

Don't you ever just have those moments? You know, those moments when you are out in public somewhere and you glance over to see your child doing something terribly embarrassing?

One of those moments when your small daughter is walking through the store with her dress pulled all the way up around her chest. Oh she's grinning and having a grand ole' time, walking along, oblivious to the fact that everyone is snickering at her.

I had two, yes two, of those kind of moments happen today.

Today's first moment happened when my small daughter was desperately trying to get to the car before I left, lest she have to stay home with her sisters. She comes darting out of the house carrying her shoes AND shirt, wearing only her skirt. I FREAKED OUT.


She is still little and no one was outside. I had to laugh so hard. I assume she missed the part where I told her I would wait for her in the car while she got dressed and wouldn't leave her behind.

Today's second moment actually involved the same child as earlier in the day. She's certainly on a roll today. We were sitting in the waiting area at the beauty salon while my older daughter was getting her hair trimmed. I'm checking some stuff on my smartphone and I see my little girl in the corner of my eye, doing something. I briefly discuss with myself for a second before I look.

"Is she?"
"no way"
"I think she is"
"oh she can't be"
"please let this not be what I'm seeing'

So, I slowly turn and look and my eyes open 10 times the size in horror. SHE IS! She pulled off her flip-flop and was biting her big toenail. I whispered, in pure shock, without breathing

"whatareyoudoingputyourfootdownnowthatissogrossyou'regoingtogetsicktherearepeoplewatchingyou"  breathe.......

She looked at me like, "what are you talking about crazy woman my toe is bugging me"

Life is definitely exciting.


Emiko said...

That is hilarious!!! Thanks for making me laugh, I needed it!

Sarah said...

Oh, I too needed this Kimmie! Brilliant!

LOVED the quiet/frantic whispering to the toes biting young lady...exactly what I would have done! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my that is funny , I needed that ...

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