Monday, June 27, 2011

"Definition of Marriage" A Picture of Salvation

This is a fantastic sermon on marriage and how it is the picture of salvation.


Anonymous said...

Saying that there is only one "definition of marriage" and has only been one is a fallacy. Marriage has been redefined all over the world for as long as marriage as existed. Marriage used to be between a man and a woman who had no say over who she married. A man legally owned his wife and daughters. I'd say that when THAT definition changed, it was a change for the better.

If two people want to get married, then why not let them? It's not like two men getting married in New York has any impact on YOUR life.

Kimmie said...


Judging by the content of your comment, it appears you have no clue as to what the sermon was actually talking about.

Anonymous said...


Judging by the content of your comment, it appears you have no answer for my question.

I suppose it's quite the coincidence that you would put a sermon about the biblical definition of marriage on your blog right after gay marriage was legalized in New York. Right. Completely unrelated. No way this is directed at all the people who support gay marriage.

This pastor is living in a fantasy world. There is no one set definition of a proper marriage, just as no two marriages are exactly alike. The truth is that a marriage between a man and a woman is just as valid as a marriage between two divorcees or two people of the same gender, or a man who prefers to submit to his wife because marriage is what you make of it.

People who believe in the Bible can follow this biblical definition, but why on earth should people who aren't Christians be expected to conform to a religion which they don't believe in?

Kimmie said...

Really you're way off base. I had no idea New York did that.

This sermon is regarding the marriage bond is a picture of Christ's free gift of salvation. You are creating an argument that has nothing to do with this particular sermon. I know several friends struggling with their marriages, this is a nice picture of how we should be forgiving to our spouse for all things because Christ has forgiven us (who are saved) of all things.

Your question seemed rhetorical and really has nothing to do with the viedo.

Taryn said...

I am a New Yorker-Long Islander. Four of my children are native New Yorkers. This was a great sermon. When legal marriage/marriage licences were started in the 1900s it took parental approval away. Marriages were recorded in a Family Bible before that. I am not of the Reformed Theology so I now believe that marriage should never have become state-approved. There are still some churches that will marry using the Family Bible and parental approval with witnesses. The ceremony is done by a pastor that's a man. What's next-a person marrying their child,pet,etc. We know what the polygamists are thinking. We do know what really goes on at those parades but the public isn't told.

Taryn said... has a post-5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License. I do want to add that some Christians believe that you should leave a second/third,etc. marriage and go back to the first marriage covenant spouse(Ezra 10?). There's an interesting book($5) at Rod and Staff called, What the Bible Says About Marriage,Divorce and Remarriage. Then there's the case of the Christian second spouse and the unsaved first spouse. Then there's all the children involved. Sounds like(a form of) legalized polygamy.

Taryn said...

That marriage book is at Christian Light Publications not Rod and Staff.

Taryn said...

Remember that the American black slaves(I have a mixed granddaughter) were married by publicly "jumping over the broom" on the ground. As a tribute to those slaves "black" people jump over the broom today at their marriage ceremonies. Just a thought.

Nicole said...

Hi Kimmie. This is my first time reading your blog...I have enjoyed it! Your girls are all beautiful! I love the family picture on the sidebar!

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