Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Homemaking Blunders

Oh, homemaking blunders, every homemaker has them. In our need for perfectionism do we ever really mention them? Is it frowned upon to share our short comings?

I have recently posted a few of my homemaking blunders as funny homemaking tips on my Facebook status updates. I was attempting to be humorous, but was pleasantly surprised when I received comments from my friends admitting the same has happened to them.

This got me thinking, and so I'm starting a new series or random chain of posts with my homemaking blunders. I am hoping to help the poor perfectionists relax and take a deep breath and laugh at their mistakes. I have a feeling we all do the same silly things. Now we can all sit back and laugh together.

Instead of going around and bragging about how much we get done and well we do it, let's open the secret, dark, throw it in there and never mention it closet of our homemaking errors. Be brave, we can do this.

I'll take one for the team and confess mine, starting with  2 that I have from the last few days.

Kimmie's Homemaking Tips 

Tip #149: Be sure to turn on the correct burner while waiting for your water to boil.

Blunder: I placed my sauce pan with water on the stove to boil. I turned the burner on high, covered the pot and left to go fold some laundry. 10 minutes later I remembered the pot I put on the stove. I darted for the kitchen expecting to find all the water gone. Instead I saw a gleaming red circle without a pot on it. Of course, right next to the crimson ring was my pot, full of cold water. This gives a whole new outlook to "a watched pot never boils".

Tip #86: - Don't wash and dry the throw rugs in the same load with the clothes.

Blunder: I KNOW THIS!! I have stressed this to my daughters when I was teaching them how to do the laundry.  I am very picky on which items get washed together. Why oh why did I think that it was okay for me to get away with it? I'll explain it, so you can nod your head and say "ohh kay, I get it now".

I was down to the last load of the day, it wasn't quite full, and there were only 2 little kitchen rugs to wash. In my attempt to see that all of the dirty laundry was done for the day...

I tossed the rugs in

closed my eyes

scrunched my face

held my breath


closed the lid

I walked away feeling accomplished.

Of course after I pulled them from the dryer all of my clothes had little linty balls ALL OVER THEM!! I ended up having to wash the entire load, sans rugs, over again. I hate when I make double work for myself. Grrr.

Now smile. Take a deep breath and feel better.You're not the only one. 

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