Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Home School Journey #1

Over a year ago I began to want to home school my girls. I was hoping to start before middle school, but I didn't move quickly enough. I think fear has been holding me back.

I am blessed to know several women who home school their children. I have been bombarding them with questions and advice for weeks now. Finally, I decided that all this planning could go on forever and I needed to act. I still have a lump in my throat and a little fear about being responsible for my girls' schooling, but I know I can do it.

I sent the enrollment forms into a public Charter school, that is set up for homeschooling parents. With the charter school, you have liberty to school your children outside of a traditional setting. You are still accountable to the school and state of California requirements but you are able to select curriculum and teaching styles that are better fitting for your child. Each child enrolled is given an amount of money which is used to purchase school supplies and curriculum, pay for music lessons, swim lessons, sports etc. The time the child spends schooling or unschooling is considerably less than that of a traditional setting.

August and Kiley have been so stressed this school year with the ridiculous amount of school work they are expected to finish. I don't believe they have learned much. They are just trying to get it all done, all while retaining nothing. So sad.

We are planning to start home school by the first of March. I'm nervous, but really excited. I am grateful to the other homeschooling mothers I know. My wonderful friend Erica, really got me jump started. She gave me a bunch of books and plans from her previous 6th grade year, and some of her plans that I will need for next year. This was such a huge help and such an encouragement to me.

I will post again, when we get a little further into the process.

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