Friday, January 22, 2010

Men are weak, bumbling idiots. Right?

Lately it has come to my realization that a vast majority of TV commercials and shows are portraying men as bumbling weak idiots, and women as the stronger more intelligent sex. This is extremely sexist. If this was the other way around the feminists would be lined up around the block to castrate those men. Oh, wait! They already have. Society has become so determined to make women even with men that it has stacked against men and masculinity.

How sad for young boys to watch these shows and ad's and grow up thinking they are useless, weak and idiotic. Where are the hero's and knights in shining armor? Television shows teach children. Believe it or not. They see it and want it. They see it and believe it.

How sad for young girls to think that their fathers, brothers and future husbands are bumbling, weak and stupid. They have no knight to look up to.

I saw a commercial the other day where a husband was trying with all his might to open a jar. Soon, his wife walked in and without so much as a thought opened the jar with no problem. This irritates me. (a stupid bumbling idiot weak man)

A new movie just came out showing a man in a pink fairy costume. Again portraying the man as an idiot. Men don't want to be fairy's they want to be knights in shining armor saving and protecting their women and families.

In an H&R Block Commercial. The guy uses the boxed tax return and gets stuck, his wife tells him to ask the box for help, and the guy does!!

A new commercial shows a grown man dressed up as a baby, while he lays there again like an idiot, throwing milk and food all over. (I do not think babies are idiots)

Do you notice a majority of sitcoms about families, the husband is always a dumb fat guy who always gets himself into some kind of mess and the wife is always a hot and smart woman who gets him out of trouble? This is not real life.

Lifetime television shows portray men as violent, rapists, murders and wife beaters.

Women openly insult men on TV, and people laugh, but if a man says something sexist to a woman, you hear gasps, and people frown.

The teenagery shows all have effeminate weak male roles and loud obnoxious female roles. This again teaching young males and females that the males are weak idiots.

Why do they want to de-man our men? Geeze women don't even need a man to get them pregnant anymore. Women have made men obsolete but are baffled that they can't find "MEN".

I see/hear so many women complain about not being able to find "real men". Men act according to the way women treat them. If women allow them to be disgusting heartless jerks, they will be. If women allow them to sleep with them on the first date, they certainly will and they almost always will not call again, and move on. Men have always and will always hold a double standard. You can't change that.

Men desire to be treated like "men" not like heartless idiots. It took me a little while to figure out my husband thrives as a father and husband, when he is treated like a man. He will break his back working for us because he is respected as the man of the house. This leaves me free to be a woman. I feel so much happier and fulfilled when I am free to express my feminine roll. I LOVE being able to depend on my husband, he knows this and works hard to take care of us. Men desire to be depended on and wanted. I am much happier being home with my children, teaching them, watching them, keeping a warm cozy home for them. I love preparing a huge yummy dinner to serve to my husband when he walks in the door after nearly killing himself at work all day. It's wonderful to see the happy look on his face when he walks through the door and a handful of little girls knock him over with hugs and excitement. I often times wonder why on earth would he work so hard for us? Because he is a REAL MAN, and he loves taking care of his family. In return his family is grateful and lets him know how much.

I have so much respect for my husband now that I have to rely on him to be the man and take care of us. He, I'm sure has more respect for me as his wife, for allowing him to be the man.

The attitude and ego of a man is completely determined by his wife. Wives we are the keepers of our husbands ego's. When their egos are respected and stroked, they behave like warrior men.

There is nothing wrong with gender roles. Women should embrace and be proud of their gender. We are the makers of the babies, the ones who were given breasts to sustain our infants. We (most of us) are loving and nurturing and desire to care for our families.

I'm not talking about women being weak. Women should be well educated, strong and able bodied. Men don't want to be married to idiots any more than women want to be married to idiots.

It would benefit both sexes to be educated in gender differences and the delicate need for each gender to be treated accordingly. Instead we teach disrespect for the opposite gender. This is creating broken relationships, homes and families. Women can't do it all. Men can't do it all. Each gender completes the other bringing what the other is lacking. Children benefit best when they receive what each gender (mother and father) bring to the table. Wow, God is smart.

Do you notice that teenage girls are having sex younger? Getting pregnant? Dressing slutty? Why??? They want attention from men. Little girls (and boys) need daddies. They are lacking a masculine role model. Divorce and the lack of strong alpha men in the home has created chaos.

Male and female were both created equal, but equal does not mean the same.

This post is not meant to encapsulate all men and all women.


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ANDREW SAID: If you're criticizing others. You will not have time to give love ..

Andrew, 很明顯,你沒有讀職。

My response: Obviously, you did not read the post.

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