Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wait..did somebody say, PLETHORA OF ROAD TRIPS??

Last weekends trip to Mammy's was the start to our very full summer of road trips and activities. Never have I tried to cram so much into one little summer. Are we insane? Maybe.

This weekend we're off to Memorial Park in Half Moon Bay to go camping. It's supposed to be cold. Brrr. I don't know if I've ever cold camped before. I'm sure it will be fun.

The girls are out of school on June 11th. The week after begins the 2 weeks of VBS. The VBS we're going to is about a 40 minute drive in the mornings. I could go to one closer but we are going with another friend. This year my girlfriend and I are going to volunteer to help and E and J are going to attend their first Pre-school VBS. I hope they do well. They've never gone to anything organized before.

We have the 4th of July next which will be filled with a fun activity soon.

I'm then driving my girls to Arizona to visit Stacey for a week during July. Adam will be staying home. My brother in law is currenlty deployed so Adam would be bored with all of us girls. Plus, I'm sure he wont mind the alone time. Am I crazy making a 12 hour drive without my husband? Probably, but my mother is coming with me. *whew*

A few days after we get back from Arizona, Adam and I are going to take a drive up the CA coast on our way to Anaheim to visit Disneyland for my 30th birthday. I'm so excited that Mickey will be celebrating my birthday with me. And, he's pretty stoked too.

A week after this trip, we go on our now annual week long summer trip to Lake Tahoe. this trip is always a lot of fun. Lot's of friends, kids, sun, water & boating.

I'm working on trying to also plan a Labor Day camping trip to Berryessa. We'll see. This seems like a full summer. It's going to go fast and it's going to be fun!

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