Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Furniture

I love how blessings sometimes come so unexpectedly. 

August said the other day she wanted a desk for her room. She has started getting into scrapbooking and she also likes to do quilting and wanted a place to be able to work in her room. 

Kiley has needed a dresser and bedside table since we moved in here earlier this year. She and August used to share a room and a dresser but when we moved here and they got their own rooms, Kiley was left without a dresser. She has been using two small 3 drawer things on wheels and it wasn't enough space for her clothes. 

On this past Sunday our next door neighbor told Adam they were giving away a girls bedroom set, and would we be interested. When Adam got home from work tonight he went next door to bring it all over. A desk, a dresser, and a bedside table. What a wonderful blessing. God is so good.

It's beautiful too and matches a bedside table that August already had. It's a good quality vintage 50's or 60's set made from real wood, not particle board. Our neighbor said we are the 4th family to have the set and it's over 50 years old. 

Here is August's new desk and bedside table. Kiley took the matching bedside table that August had because it's a little bigger and wouldn't fit next to the desk. Isn't this just wonderful? 

I really love this dresser. I am such a sucker for vintage stuff. I tried to trade Kiley for my dresser but she wasn't going for it. She is so happy. 

God knows our needs and these types of blessings always remind me that he cares about little details in our lives. 

Merry Christmas. 

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K.R said...

I love it! I too swoon over anything vintage. They just don't make furniture like that anymore.

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