Monday, August 1, 2011

Bucket List

I was thinking the other day about certain things I really want to do in my life before die. Some are silly and some very important. Here are a few of those.

1. Solve the Rubik's Cube
2. Sew a Quilt
3. Learn a different language
4. Memorize the book of Ruth
5. Bowl a perfect game
6. See Ireland and Germany (where my ancestors come from)
7. Volunteer in a Nursing Home
8. See my family saved
9. Write a "don't open until I'm dead" letter to each of my children
10. Have a son
11. Live in a different state
12. Drive across the country with my husband, after our children are gone


Mindy said...

I love your bucket list--I'm afraid I always have trouble writing these, as I like to live through the moment, as hard as some might's not always left up to us, is it?

The thought of you writing a 'dont open until I'm dead' letters to your children made me think of something a close friend of mine, does each year on each of her children's birthdays. She serves them breakfast so that it's just 'Mommy and me' time, and gives her a letter, outlining 'I remember when you were born, I am so proud of you for such and such this year....' and so on and so forth. The children respect that each birthday letter is hers or his, specifically, and to respect the privacy of it. These days, something written, from heart, on special paper, is such a rare and beautiful thing. I find myself wishing my mother had done the same! God bless you and family,


Kimmie said...

I got the idea of the letter from a Dave Ramsey show I watched. I assume that it will be updated as time goes on. I'm thinking I will get a composition book for each girl and keep her letters in there. There are things that I tell them now that I'm sure they can't appreciate until they're older.

When my step-daughters mother was dying, she recorded cassette tapes about her life and different things she wanted Haley to know. That was such a wonderful thing she left for her. Haley was very young (4) when her mom died and she doesn't remember much, I'm glad she has those tapes.

Mindy said...

That is beautiful, I have a tape of my great grandmother talking about the first time she was on a aeroplane and it's something I'd grab if the house were on fire, that's for sure!


Mindy said...

And I love, love the composition book idea as well. My mother and I once had what we called 'the book of secrets' in which we wrote letters to each other (rather, she reacted to the letters I wrote in a positive manner, making suggestions or 'corrections' (Such as, perhaps you should apologize and ask forgiveness because you had a fight with your friend..."

But it takes time, oh where does it go?!

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