Monday, December 6, 2010

On Feminism

Warning: There is a swear word at the very end of the first video (the b word). Sorry.

A mans opinion on feminism:


Turbine said...

These videos seem to be missing the point of feminism. The first video...well, it seems to be confusing "a woman's right to make her own choices about how she wants to live her life" with "women are better than men and should never rely on them, ever."

As for the second video, it completely ignores a woman's choices. What if a woman doesn't want to get married? What if she doesn't want a family? This young man's entire argument amounts to "Women don't have to be in relationships if they don't want to be and that's not good." I'm not even sure what he's trying to say with that whole "butterfly stage" thing. It sounds like he's trying to rationalize his lack of success with relationships by blaming this imaginary system of chemistry tied with society. As a man, I've never had any of the problems with women he's complained about, but then again, I've always been upfront about finding out what both she and I expect from the relationship instead of waiting six months hoping to marry the girl only to find out she was only interested in a casual fling.

Feminism is about a woman's right to do what she wants with her life. If she wants to get married and be a stay at home mother, then more power to her. But she shouldn't have to feel like that's her only option. A woman should be able to have a career if she wants it, or have a casual relationship with no intention of marrying, or to even pick up a stranger and have a night of fun with him if she wishes to. Anyone who claims to be a feminist but then says that women need a career or should never, ever rely on a man aren't really feminists at all. They're only sad people who think they can tell people what to do to be happy.

Cortney said...

You don't know how to date? TALK TO EACH OTHER. This guy is blaming a lot of things on feminism that it has nothing to do with.

Most of my friends that talk about "it wasn't meant to be" or "soulmates" are staunchly religious and do not identify as feminism.

Also, his entire conversation about the "butterfly" stage and wanting to have a "thrill ride" seems to be reducing women to spineless, stupid beings controlled solely by their sex drives. Which, if you will recall, is precisely what very early church leaders and philosophers said about women- that we were stupid, weak willed things driven by lust, roaming about wanting to bring down men.

This sounds like a rambly rant from a confused- and bitter- young man, who wants to blame all of his relationship problems on feminism. I dated for *3 solid years*, and had a great time- there wasn't epic confusion about who paid for what, who picked up who, etc. We talked about it. It wasn't a big deal. It seems as though this young man would rather have rigid socially proscribed plans of action instead of having to actually communicate with women. And no marriage or relationship survives without communication.

I completely agree with Turbine in many areas, especially here "I've always been upfront about finding out what both she and I expect from the relationship instead of waiting six months hoping to marry the girl only to find out she was only interested in a casual fling."

Kate said...

What you said is not what most feminist believe. They look down on stay at home moms. The Bible says young women should marry bare children and guide the house. It is not wrong to not get married. But not getting married and having one night stands and partying all the time is wrong. The Bible is clear on men and women's roles, and when they are followed correctly as them being equal but having different rolls it works best. A women has a right to chose what she wants just like men, she will also answer to God for her choice and if she followed Gods plan for the women as will the man answer also. We all have free will. Women who aren't feminist are not forced to do anything. Because of feminism and the Bible being taken out of schools and everywhere eles. The family has been destroyed. People have no idea what is right and wrong and are told to decided for themselfs. We have no character anymore and if you do hold the old fashion values your out of date. How do morals go out of date? If something was wrong 80 years ago it is still wrong today. We are brainwashed today and it is proving the Bible to be true. It says the days will get worse and then the Lord will come back.

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