Friday, February 5, 2010

Old Time Dr's vs Today's Dr's

Dr. Rudnick was a family Dr. in San Lorenzo for years and years. He worked alone, without a nurse. He had a receptionist. He had two exam rooms where he did exams himself. The extent of his hearing test was putting his hand in front of his mouth and whispering "can you hear me?". His office visits were cheap. He gave medicine samples and didn't charge $200 for tylenol. He saw children and adults alike. He didn't have fancy machines to do simple things. Probably he was in practice for at least 60-70 years. I believe he was my grandmothers Dr. when she was a child. He was my mothers Dr. and he was mine also. You did not need complex insurance plans to see this Dr. in fact you could be seen for less than $60.00. Total.

Today's Dr.s have fancy hearing machines, scores of nurses, expensive equipment to test simple things. Don't get me wrong, advancements in medicine and medical equipment are a blessing. The use should be limited to necessary cases. If the physicians could step back a little, perhaps 80 years back, and simplify their practices, people would be able to afford Dr. visits.

I have had several people tell me they were charged hundreds of dollars for just a few tylenol. While viewing a bill to an insurance company one woman said her insurance was billed for 16 hospital chairs. She certainly didn't have these in her home. I don't think all Dr.'s are crooks, but some of them are. They are also advocates for pharmaceutical companies, and will 99% of the time try and push some type of drug on you.

I don't think it's the answer to have our government step in and save the day either. The voice of the people can be very powerful. If we can all stop being such wimps and stay away from the Dr. when we have a simple cold, flu or tummy ache, they wouldn't make any money. If they aren't making any money, they will have to lower their rates, and rethink their business. Common sense. People have allowed Dr's and insurance companies to take advantage of them. Just because a Dr. says you need something, doesn't mean you do. You're better off getting a Rx and filling it at Target for $4, than paying $200 for their meds in the Dr office.

Sometimes things are just simple. I don't know why everyone wants to make everything so complex that we need the government to save the day. Hello this is America. It's a government for the people, by the people. Government has no business being in business.

Think next time, do you really need to go to the Dr? Or is it just because you think it only costs you $5.00 out of your pocket? Adam and I have not seen a Dr, in over 4 years, and yes there have been times where we have considered it. The kids have gone only once or twice in the last 2/3 years, and this was only after 6 days of fever or because the emergency room was necessary for an injury. Kids don't need to be seen everytime they are sick. Kids get sick. We are the ones fueling the fire for these Dr.s and insurance companies. Most illness can be prevented with a healthy diet, exercise and vitamins.

Just say NO to running to the Dr. with a hang nail!

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