Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photographers in the making

Kiley and August took a photography class this year through their 4-H club. They learned a lot about colors and subjects. They both have simple Kodak digital cameras. August is saving her money to buy a Canon SLR. We bought a refurbished one a few years ago for $400 less than the cost of a new one. We love our SLR, and haven’t had any problems with it.

Both girls submitted photographs to the County Fair this year. As you can see, the fair is kind of a big deal around here. It’s our 3rd year entering stuff. It’s great for the kids. They get to see their work displayed, they are rewarded for their hard work with ribbons and prizes and they get free entry to the fair. This year they are working at the fair 4 different days. 3 of those days they will be working at the 4-H Cake booth and the other day they are working a fine arts booth where kids can make projects and take them home. The make-it-and-take-it booth is another area where they can win something for 100% attendance. We think friendly competition is a good thing. They learn to work hard to achieve their desired prize. We also think volunteer work is very important. All of their “working” is unpaid and simply just to give of themselves and their time. It creates selflessness and teaches them more responsibility.

Oh, sorry, got off track, back to the photography. Here are the pictures they submitted. Please take into account they are still learning. I’m curious to see where they place in the judging. The last picture was not submitted to the fair simply because we didn’t realize it was on her camera. It’s my favorite. I like it so much; I’m planning on taking it to have it printed onto canvas so I can hang it in our home.
Kiley took this on her cell phone by accident. She wanted to submit it just for fun. I'm curious to see what she gets. She titled it, "Starburst" 
This is Augusts, rule of 3rds photo. She titled it, "Paradise Trio"

This is the blue jay that lives in our backyard. August had a hard time getting a close enough shot of him.  She titled it, "Blue Jay on the Fence"

And this is the one I fell in love with. August took this while we were driving on a windy day, through the hills. I want this printed on canvas.  Maybe she can submit it next year.

This weekend is going to be another busy one. Happy Fathers Day to the dads. =)


Anonymous said...

Good luck, but you guys will hardly need it with such excellent photos! You guys are almost pro! And great work volunteering- I love volunteering for events and groups that I believe in. You guys are changing lives for the better!

Anonymous said...

Wow great photos , its great that your kids get to do so many different things .

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