Monday, September 21, 2009

Updates and changes

Adam took this picture. I just love it. I want to have it oil painted.

We survived our summer, barely. After all of our trips we were pretty vacationed out. Now that we are back to a semi-normal schedule we can relax. Um, not really. Since school has begun, I barely see K or A anymore.

The girls started middle school nearly a month ago. The excitement has quickly subsided. Two days a week they start school at 7:30 am and end at 2:30, the other days they start at 8:30, this followed by roughly 4 to 5 more hours of homework. This all lumped together with, daily chores, violin practice, soccer etc, where is our family time you ask? GONE! (more on this later)

E and J are growing so quickly. They are such a joy. They just amaze me daily. They are so sweet, so curious, so loving. They want to do and know everything. They have just started to make friends this year. They have befriended a little girl who is the same age as they are. The little girl has a sister the same age as K and A who is on their soccer team. Twice a week E and J get to play with their "fwiend" at the park. They are just so cute. This is the first interest they have shown in playing with other kids their own age. Usually they are more fascinated with older children.

I have been in the process of trying to find a home church for us. This is harder than one would think, when you have a few specific criteria that church should meet. I have visited a few in my area and have not found "the one" yet. I have two more in line for the next couple of weeks, that I'm hoping will end with one of them being the one for us. I've been lazy in not attending church weekly for sometime now and have decided I'm letting all my laziness go. K and A can't wait!

Finally, I've decided that 11 hours a day should be more than sufficient to properly educate my children. Am I wrong? The fact that they still need home teaching for 4-5 of those 11 hours, has me wondering why they need to be gone for the first 6-7? They are still little girls. They are having to endure way too much stress for a child. Don't get me wrong, my children are not coddled. They are hard working, taught to be independent and responsible. But, they are still, children.

I have been in prayer for a while for God to make it possible to homeschool them with a Christian curriculum. Since, I have been asking God for this, we have had an increase in jobs and money. Go figure. Ask and you shall receive right? YES! Adam has been called back to his full time job that he was laid off from 9 months ago. He still has work and clients, from his own business he started after being laid off. And, as I watch so many unemployed people not being able to find jobs, I have managed to get a part time night job. SWEET! So somewhere in all of this should be the $50.00 to $100.00 a month I need for the girls school curriculum. THANK YOU GOD! If you're interested in seeing what we hope to have be our new school, the link is below.

I myself have certification in supervising this particular curriculum. I attended the education classes and have my certificate. I used this curriculum while I was in high school for 2 years. 10th and 11th grades. Though, I still don't have my husband completely on board, but hopefully he will be soon.

I forgot I had this blog. haha. It's been busy here. I'm hoping to remember to write more often.

Thanks for reading all of my ramblings. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!

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Anonymous said...

That's neat! I love spending each minute with my kids too! Right now they are at a Christian School but I supervise and grade all their homework and spend each and every hour with them. I STRONGLY BELIEVE, A CHILD'S EDUCATION IS THE PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY. But, I was torn between wanting to help at the Church school as well... So this worked out quite well. I still get to "Home School" but at the church with all the other kids.

I am having a blast, but I can definitely appreciate been home and going at our own pace. We love the Abeka CURRICULUM it is so easy and it builds on it's self... You should see my kids handwriting, reading and how much they have learned! It is awesome, and the best part ANYONE with can follow this program.

I am so glad you will finally get to home school your girls. The public School is no place for our children. THEY ARE JUST WAY TOO SPECIAL~

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